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Volume 3, Issue 3 – January 23, 2021

We’ve some updates to our Democratic Insider newsletter, adding dedicated sections to different news types, trainings, and more, and a recap of what’s below at the top so you can get a quick snapshot of what’s in the newsletter! 

  • National News: Inauguration Week & Biden/Harris Get Straight to Work 
  • National News: Thank You Chairman Perez & Welcome Chairman Jaime Harrison
  • Local News: Boone County Democrats Nominate David Tyson Smith for House District 45
  • #MOSen News: Josh Hawley is Still a Traitor (with updates) 
  • #MOLeg Capitol News: Senate Pushes to Nullify Federal Gun Laws 
  • New Ideas for MDP?
  • Trainings & Training Resources
  • Reminders & Always Helpful Items


Wow, what an exciting and positive week it has been! And I don’t mean just about the Chiefs beating the Browns in the Playoffs, but about having a new President and Vice President who we can be rest assured will know that last year’s Super Bowl Champs are from Kansas City, Missouri (in case you forgot one of Trump’s millions of screw ups, see this article) AND will help build back our country. 

What did you think of this week’s inauguration? We were impressed with the Presidential Inaugural Committee’s ability to put on a fantastic and memorable celebration while keeping Americans safe and at home. It was a historic week as America’s first woman and Black and South Asian person was sworn in as Vice President. President Biden and Vice President Harris promised us that the work would get started right away, and they are already delivering by signing a historic number of executive orders to undo Trump’s disaster and releasing plans this and next week to urge Congress to act. 

Still excited about this moment and our new leadership? There’s still time to head over to the Missouri Democratic Party’s webstore to pick up your inaugural merchandise!


On Thursday, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) elected Jaime Harrison as the new Chair of our Party. We cannot thank Tom Perez enough for his steadfast leadership of the DNC over the past 4 years. Tom was handed a DNC that had been, frankly, neglected for some time before he began. Tom and the DNC team rebuilt the DNC to provide increased support for state parties, overhauled the data and technology infrastructure, and much more. As a current and former state party staffer, I have seen immense improvements in the support the DNC provides state parties from 2016 to today. 

Be sure to follow Jaime on twitter and if you’d like to watch the DNC meeting, you can view it on YouTube. The DNC put together a lot of great videos they showed during the meeting that highlighted how far we have come in building back Democratic power at the State, Congressional, and US Senate levels over the past four years, and I highly suggest checking those out (starting at around minute 47 of the recording). 

Jaime was a great choice for DNC Chair. As a former State Party Vice Chair and Chair, Jaime is committed to a 57 state and territory strategy for moving the DNC forward. In states like Missouri, this is really important. We haven’t been considered a presidential battleground state since 2008 and having a DNC Chair who is committed to investing in every zip code, including red states and down ballot races, will be really important to build back power in states like ours. Jaime joined the State Party executive directors for a (virtual) meeting on Thursday, which was a great first show of his support of state parties. 


As many of you likely know, former Representative Kip Kendrick, who represented House District 45 in Columbia, stepped down last month to become Senator Greg Razer’s Chief of Staff. Governor Parson called a special election for April 6th for the vacant district. House District 45 is a pretty solidly Democratic District. The 45th Legislative District Democratic Committee met on Wednesday to select the Democratic nominee for the special election and selected David Tyson Smith. Read the Missouri Times write up here. David will be the first Black House Representative from outside of Kansas City and St. Louis. 


In this week’s Josh is a Joke news, Missouri Senator Hawley voted against the first Black Secretary of Defense and seven Democrats requested an ethics probe into Hawley and Cruz over the Capitol riot. Hawley has tried to backtrack with some of his recent comments, but we know this all just his political moves to try to position himself to run for President in 2024 by inciting the extremist Republican base. What we need you to do: 

  1. Call Roy Blunt’s office at 202-224-5721 and Josh Hawley’s office at 202-224-6154 to tell them Hawley’s behavior is reprehensible and he should be expelled from the Senate. 
  2. Help us build the resources to defeat Hawley by buying some of our merchandise that knocks on him or donating to the Missouri Democratic Party
  3. Sign and share our petition telling Josh Hawley to resign.  


From the Weekly Capitol Report of Representative Emily Weber: 

Less than two weeks after right-wing insurrectionists stormed the U.S. Capitol in a violent but futile attempt to overturn Democrat Joe Biden’s election as president, their ideological brethren in the Republican-controlled Missouri Senate are pursuing a similarly doomed effort to prohibit enforcement of federal gun laws within the state.

Senate Bill 39, which the Senate General Laws Committee heard on Jan. 19, purports to declare invalid federal law relating to the taxation, registration or tracking of firearms, as well as laws prohibiting the possession, ownership, use or transfer of specific types of firearms. However, individual states have no power to nullify federal laws or interfere with their enforcement. In a 1958 case, Cooper v. Aaron, the U.S. Supreme Court described the nullification doctrine as “illegal defiance of constitutional authority.”

The bill also purports to give those arrested for federal gun crimes the right to sue “any person or entity” enforcing such laws. In addition, it purports to declare that any federal agent who enforces federal gun laws in Missouri “shall be permanently ineligible to serve as a law enforcement or to supervise law enforcement officers.” Neither provision appears likely to withstand constitutional muster.

You can read more here.


Do you have ideas for the Missouri Democratic Party? Want to join our new Ideas Committee? Head to and fill out our form. 


MDP VAN Training (updated info): Are you a local or state committee member, candidate, or someone else who’d like to use VAN? Sign up for our weekly VAN training with yours truly by clicking here. VAN training will be every Thursday evening starting at 6pm. We’ll cover the basics of VAN and beginner level material from 6:00 – 6:45 and from 6:45 – 7:30 we’ll dig into more intermediate level uses of VAN and specific attendees questions and needs. 

As a reminder, if you need to get set up with VAN, email and be sure to check out our VAN and data resources webpage at for training materials, VAN user agreements, pricing and policies, etc. 

MDP Training Resource – Portal: The “Portal” is the MDP’s online library of resources where you’ll find training docs, guides, and best practices for candidates, county committee members, volunteers, and staff. Get trained up today and make an impact in your community!

Access the portal here but please allow a couple of days for approval as MDP staff vets all requests to make sure everyone accessing our materials is a Democrat in good standing.

Within the Portal, a great resource you’ll find is the MDP’s County Committee Manual – a 60-page comprehensive guide for Central Committees and Clubs. Topics include: goal-setting, how to organize and run meetings, manage conflicts, how to run phone banks, how to recruit volunteers, how to be active online, and tons more.

DNC January Democratic Activist Challenge: The monthly Democratic Activist Challenge is designed to build infrastructure for Democratic campaigns and organizations through grassroots engagement. Are you ready to accept the challenge, and help elect Democrats up and down the ballot?!

We are starting off our new Activist Challenge Training Spotlight with a subject that is core to building our Democratic infrastructure. Learn more below!

  • Spotlight Training: Review our “Building your County Party Infrastructure” video to learn how you can build and strengthen your local organizations to ensure that your teams remain ready to support Democratic candidates. 
    • To access this training, sign up for our BPI Victory Vault (new members added each Wednesday). If you are already a member and need a refresher on how to access the BPI Victory Vault, review our instructions.
    • Once in the Victory Vault, open the folder labeled, “Campaigning During COVID-19” 
    • Find the training video titled, “TBPP Organizational Stability- Building your County Party Infrastructure”
  • After reviewing the training video, identify at least one new idea to implement within your local organization.
  • Once you’ve completed the challenge, take a selfie and create a post on social media that includes the following information:
    • Missouri & your city/town/area
    • A brief explanation of how you completed this month’s challenge
    • The hashtag “#BPItraining” 
    • And don’t forget to tag “@MODemParty” and “@TheDemocrats

DNC Training Newsletter: Sign-up for the monthly DNC/ASDC BPI Newsletter to stay updated on training opportunities available to activists, volunteers, candidates, and more.

DNC Training Resources: Sign-up for the DNC/ASDC BPI Victory Vault for on-demand training resources, tailored towards activists, volunteers, entry-level staff, and candidates! New members added each Wednesday. 

GAIN Training Calendar: Bookmark and check out the new training calendar made available by our friends at GAIN Power, to share public training events and stay updated on training opportunities from our allies and partners. 

NDTC February Trainings: The National Democratic Training Committee (NDTC) national virtual training in February will be focusing on Making a Plan. All trainings can be registered for here. Additionally, here’s a pdf version, please feel free to share far and wide. 

NDTC Local Leaders On-Demand Courses: NDTC’s curriculum team has been working nonstop to develop on-demand trainings for our local leaders (county party chairs, caucus leaders, etc). We believe these trainings are critical in a year like 2021 to strengthen and grow our local level infrastructure after a long presidential election. Already launched courses I want to highlight include: 


Political Job Resources: The DNC Talent Bank is a resource to help state parties and campaigns find the best applicants for a wide range of positions, from field organizers to digital directors to communications staff, and more. 

If you are interested in pursuing a campaign position, please sign up for the DNC Talent Bank in order to receive information on available positions and other career opportunities. All levels of experience and fields of interest are encouraged to apply.

Also check out LeadMO and HiredUpMissouri.

2021 Membership Drive: We held an online election last month to choose our 2021 membership card and the “I vote blue in beautiful Missouri” card one won! We’re now in our 2021 Membership Drive. Membership dues are due for committee members (state and local) and elected officials, and optional for other Missouri Democrats. 

If you have any questions or if you’re unable to pay due to hardship reasons, please let us know at  

Membership Dues
U.S. Congress & Statewide Offices: $1,000
Executive Committee Member: $500
DNC Member: $500
State Committee Member: $200
State Representatives & State Senators: $100
County and City Elected Officials: $50
General Party Members: $35
General Party Members Youth (35 & under) & Senior Rate (65+): $25

You may pay online here or by mail to: Missouri Democratic Party, 4218 Roanoke Rd., Suite 306, Kansas City, MO 64111

Find Your Local Democratic Club: We all know politics is local, so if you haven’t gotten involved with your local-level Democratic club, check out our new Local Clubs page on our website to get connected! If your active club isn’t on our page yet, shoot us an email with your contact info, name of president, and website or social media accounts to and we’ll make sure supporters can find you!

Merchandise: Stay cozy, show off your politics, and support the Missouri Democratic Party all winter long! Check out our merch store today!

Submit Your Event: Is your club, committee, candidate campaign, or allied group hosting an event? Let us know so we can publicize it on our website. A sense of community is even more important these days as we’re staying home and not gathering together in person. Submit your event here!

Stay in Touch: Don’t forget to follow the Missouri Democratic Party on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram! Know folks who might want to receive this newsletter? Get them signed up here!


We’ve started planning out our 2021 calendar so please hold these tentative dates on your calendars (with more to come): 

January 30: January Missouri Democratic State Committee & Executive Committee Meeting (for state committee members only for this meeting
February 2: Bond elections
February 3: Voter registration deadline for March 2 elections
March 2: Charter city elections
March 10: Voter registration deadline for April 6 elections
March 15-19: Missouri Legislature spring break
March 27: March Missouri Democratic State Committee Meeting
April 6: Municipal elections & HD45 special election 
May 22: May Missouri Democratic State Committee Meeting
July 24: Annual Truman Dinner & July Missouri Democratic State Committee Meeting
September 18: September Missouri Democratic State Committee Meeting
November 20: November Missouri Democratic State Committee Meeting

Happy New Day in America!


Lauren Gepford
Executive Director
Missouri Democratic Party

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