Help President Biden By Flipping This Seat Blue

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Local electionas Matter

Now that Joe Biden is officially the president of the United States, Democrats can start the hard work of rolling back Trumpism in the states.

The racism, lies, and hatred that Trump has spewed for the last four years have taken root in the states – and won’t simply disappear now that Trump is gone.

Democrats must step up to the plate to send President Biden allies in the states to help him build America back better – and a chance to do that is coming up fast in Iowa.

In just a few days, a special election is up for grabs in the Iowa Senate. This is a tough, uphill battle in a seat Trump carried by more than 20 points – but voters are going to the polls soon, and if we want to make a play for seats like this, we need to act fast.

Dismantling Trumpism in the states starts with winning races like this one: Donate today to help elect state Democrats running all across the country.

For more than four years, Donald Trump has been building his divisive brand in national and local politics – damaging our democracy and our wellbeing.

Even worse, hundreds of Republican state legislators have followed his lead, allying themselves with Trump and his hate-fueled politics.

But now that Trump is out of office, it’s time to get his followers out of office, too – and the first opportunity is right around the corner. Winning races like Tuesday’s special election in Iowa would deal a HUGE blow to Trumpism in the states.

Help state Democrats win races like this special election and all the ones to come.


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