IC-SS News 01-11-21: Be A Voting Member. Act For Democracy!

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IC-SS Weekly Update: January 11, 2021

IC-SS Leadership Elections

Indivisible Chicago-South Side will hold formal elections in late February for the four leadership positions. The nominating period will be Feb 15-21 (Mon-Sun), and online elections will be held February 22-28 (Mon-Sun). 

To become a voting member of IC-SS, please register via this voting member registration form as soon as possible and no later than 5:00 pm, February 21. If you have been active with our group in any way, you qualify.

If you are already a voting member and received our January 8 email asking you to confirm, you need only reply to that email to remain a voting memberIf you did not receive the January 8 email last week, please complete the voting member registration form instead.

GA, Dem Trifecta, & the NEW Indivisible Guide

It’s been a week of upheaval. The unprecedented attack on the US Capitol has left us more motivated than ever to keep fighting for democracy. We will move forward together.

Victories in Georgia

Thanks to the long-term efforts of Stacey Abrams, LaTosha Brown, Fair FightBlack Voters Matter, and a host of activists and grassroots organizations, Georgia voters turned out in the January 5th Senate run-off, electing Reverend Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff in margins beyond a recount. The vote was all the more historic because of the systemic voter suppression faced by Georgia’s Black and brown communities.

To all IC-South Siders who wrote postcards and letters, phonebanked, textbanked, and donated in support of these efforts, take a moment to celebrate and… THANK YOU.

Democratic Trifecta

The victories of Senators Warnock and Ossoff mean that Democrats control the Senate. Now that we’ll have a Democratic trifecta – control of the White House, Senate, and House – we need to push our leaders to act swiftly and powerfully to enact a progressive agenda. Mid-term elections are in 2022 – next year – so we have work to do.

The NEW Indivisible Guide

To help us going forward at this critical time, national Indivisible has just released its 2021 guide: Indivisible: A Practical Guide for Fixing Our Democracy.

The guide begins: “We’ve defeated Trump. We’ve defeated his cronies. We won in Georgia and took the Senate. We’ve celebrated. Now, we have a short window to save our democracy. Getting it done depends on all of us, and this new Indivisible guide provides a blueprint.”

Read the new Indivisible Guide here.

The People Lead: Actions, Week of Jan 11-15

National Indivisible is encouraging local groups to take action this week (Jan 11-15) – see The People Lead ToolkitIndivisible writes:

The time for action is now. The horrifying siege at the Capitol on January 6, encouraged by a desperate fascist and his allies, showed how critical it is we fix our warped democracy once and for all. We must impeach Trump immediately and prevent him from holding office ever again. And we must reform our democratic institutions so they can no longer ignore the will of the people by obstructing legislation, suppressing voters, and gerrymandering their districts.  […]

[This week,] Congress is scheduled to be in recess, unless they return for impeachment hearings. This is an opportune time while MoCs [members of Congress] are back in their home districts to get their attention and tell them what we want. And we’ll be amplifying our message online and through the press.


Take action this week (today through Friday, Jan 15). Indivisible Chicago-South Side calls on you to contact Senator Durbin, Senator Duckworth, and your US Rep with an urgent message.

NOTE: Senator Durbin, Senator Duckworth, Rep Rush, and Rep Kelly have all stated that they want to remove Trump from office immediately. Now we want them to act boldly and decisively.


Hello, I’m  ____________, a constituent in zip code ___________ and a member of Indivisible Chicago-South Side. We’re among thousands of Indivisible groups taking action this week and saying The People Lead.

Now that Democrats have control of the White House, Senate, and House, it’s time to go from defense to offense. 2022 is coming, and there’s no time to lose. I’m looking for bold action from [Representative/Senator__________], starting with removing Trump from office now. Moving forward, it’s time to use the power of the Democratic trifecta to build a strong democracy.

Please thank [Senator/Representative] _______ for the work [he/she] has done to resist the Trump agenda. I will be eagerly watching [Senator/Representative] __________and expect [him/her] to deliver on [his/her] promise to act for the people.


Dear [Senator/Rep.] _________,

I’m your constituent in zip code ________ and a member of Indivisible Chicago-South Side. Thank you for the work you’ve done to fight back against the Trump agenda. Now that Democrats have a trifecta, we need you to act swiftly and boldly.

I call on you to act forcefully to remove Trump from office immediately. After that, I am counting on you to work to enact a progressive agenda and build a strong democracy, perhaps for the first time in our nation’s history.

Thank you for fighting for us!


Chicago, 606_____


NOTE: If you can’t reach a staffer or leave a message for one of the Senators, try one of their downstate offices, listed at the bottom of their contact pages.

IC-SS Letters to Our Members of Congress

Indivisible Chicago-South Side co-leaders have written to the members of Congress representing most of our members: Rep. Bobby Rush (IL-01), Rep. Robin Kelly (IL-02), Sen. Durbin, and Sen. Duckworth. We called on them to remove Trump immediately and to use the power of the Democratic trifecta to build a potent and true democracy for all. Read the letters in this folder.


Get more information and ideas in national Indivisible’s The People Lead toolkit.

Celebrate with Indivisible Chicago on Jan 20

Join citywide Indivisible Chicago Alliance for an online Inauguration Celebration: Everything New Is Blue Again – Wed, Jan 20, 5:30-7:00 pm. Guests will include Congressional stars Marie Newman IL-03, Sean Casten IL-06, and Lauren Underwood IL-14 plus musical guests and improv, too! Get all the details and order your free tickets here.

PS You just MIGHT see a few of the Indivisible Chicago-South Side superstars too! Order your free ticket here to get the link to this celebration.

Take Action for Our Community, City, State

Indivisible Chicago-South Side shares information and action announcements on issues important in our state, city, and communities.

Safe Reopening for CPS: Action Shared by CTU

From Chicago Teachers Union: Chicago Public Schools (CPS) is planning to resume in-school learning without safety standards or learning conditions bargained in agreement with CTU.
CPS has misrepresented their safety preparations, ignored previous arbitrator’s orders, and appear to be more focused on the mayor and her political considerations than the well-being of students and educators.

The CTU has put forward a safe reopening plan for the return to in-person schooling, but CPS demonstrates that they do not take these concerns seriously. It represents demands that come out of hundreds of meetings with members, parents, and community stakeholders, and bargaining sessions since March.
Please send a message on behalf of Chicago teachers and students to demand safe schools before reopening!

Make the Library Safe: Actions Shared by CPL Employees

From CPL Rank & File: We are phone banking Monday Jan 11 – Friday Jan 15 to ask aldermen whose libraries have had multiple COVID-19 cases to #MakeCPLSafe by contacting the Mayor & CPL Interim Commissioner!  

*This is the corrected phone number for Ald Brookins. The graphic above shows an incorrect phone number (for a different alder). Ald Brookins is actually at (773) 881-9300.

  • Monday Jan 11: Sophia King, Ward 4, Harold Washington: 773-536-8103
  • Tuesday Jan 12: Gregory Mitchell, Ward 7, South Shore: 773-731-7777
  • Wednesday Jan 13: Jason Ervin, Ward 28, Legler: 773-533-0900
  • Thursday Jan 14: Howard Brookins Jr, Ward 21, Woodson: (773) 881-9300*
  • Friday. Jan 15: Your alderman or your branch’s alderman: Find your alder here

SCRIPT FOR MONDAY, JAN 11 (Calls to Ald Sophia King):

Hello, my name is ___ and I’m a patron of Harold Washington Library Center in the 4th Ward. [If you happen to live in the 4th ward, mention that as well.] There have been at least eight COVID-19 cases among Chicago Public Library employees at the Harold Washington Library, and under current conditions. staff and patrons will continue to get sick.

I’m calling to demand that Alderman King contact the Mayor’s Office and CPL Interim Commissioner Mary Ellen Messner about their dangerous mismanagement of the COVID-19 health threats at Harold Washington Library and urge them to negotiate with the library workers’ union to improve safety.

Indivisible Chicago-South Side

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