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— Publisher’s Note —

Good morning! Here’s hoping we all got LOTS of rest over the holidays – because the new year has just started, and already we are inundated in political news at both the state and national level.

Here’s a quick sample:

  • Trump recorded pressuring the GA SOS to “find” enough votes to flip the state to Trump.
  • Former Secretaries of Defense (incl Dick Cheney!) post joint editorial warning Trump not to use military to try to overturn the election. (Why did they feel the need to write this now?)
  • Kentucky General Assembly starts tomorrow, with multiple bad bills already filed (along with a few good ones), and Republicans in firm control, able to pass pretty much whatever they want.
  • Coronavirus still raging across the country, with hospitals in many areas at breaking point.
  • Georgia run-off election is tomorrow. It will determine whether Mitch McConnell is still in control, or not.
  • Counting of electoral votes is Wednesday in Congress, with much drama already planned.
  • Trump has urged his followers to come to DC on Wednesday to pressure lawmakers during the counting of electoral votes. Numerous militias and right-wing groups are planning to show up, with weapons.

Tired yet? Yeah, me too.

But remember — one tactic of autocrats is to create so much chaos that you stop paying attention to any of it. As much as you are able, try not to give in to that. Pay attention, stay engaged. We’re going to get through all of this, but only if we stand together and support one another.

I’ve got some ideas to share on how we can stay engaged, especially with KYGA21. I’ll share more on that over the coming days.

Keep washing those hands, wearing your mask, and staying safe. See you tomorrow morning.

Bruce Maples, publisher
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Today’s Five Things to Know

Trump caught on tape threatening Georgia Secretary of State, demanding state ‘find’ votes to overturn Biden win

President Trump made an hour-long call to the Georgia SOS, Braf Raffensberger, demanding that he “find” enough votes to change the results of the presidential election in Georgia. The call was recorded, and the Washington Post has put the recording of the entire call online on their web site.

Trump tries multiple tactics to get Raffensberger to go along, including begging and ordering. At one point, he seems to be threatening the SOS.

Also on the call were Mark Meadows, Trump’s chief of staff, and Cleta Mitchell, one of Trump’s lawyers. Neither raised objections to Trump’s requests during the call.

(Editor’s note: This is a huge story, that is generating numerous stories after it, including various lawmakers calling for investigations and even a new impeachment motion. We will have a short story about it up on the site later, but you should check out other sites you trust to keep up with it.)

All living former defense secretaries condemn GOP attempts to overturn election, or involve the military

All of this nation’s living former secretaries of defense, including Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, have released a joint editorial publicly opposing any military involvement in Republicans’ ongoing attempts to overthrow the results of November’s presidential elections. (Forward Kentucky)

1/3 update — Highest Sunday yet for cases, positivity rate sets record – but holiday factors could skew numbers

Kentucky’s pandemic numbers continued to worsen Sunday, as the seven-day average of new cases reached its highest level in two weeks and the positivity rate reached its highest level since testing became widely available in May. (Forward Kentucky)

KYGA21 starts tomorrow; Republicans in control, have two priorities: pass a budget and limit Beshear

The 2021 session of the Kentucky General Assembly begins tomorrow, with Republicans having super majorities in both chambers. As they have made clear in their pre-session comments, they have two priorities: passing a one-year budget to finish out the biennium (since they only passed a 1-year budget last year due to the pandemic), and to limit Governor Beshear’s powers in multiple ways.

Since this is an odd year, this is a “short” session, with only 30 working days. They will meet for four days this week, then adjourn until February to finish writing and filing most of the bills they will consider. The complete calendar is in the Event Calendar on Forward Kentucky.

McConnell, Pelosi homes vandalized by graffiti

The homes of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi were vandalized over the weekend, seemingly in response to the inability of Congress to increase the relief checks to $2,000. (Forward Kentucky)

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🔥 Adams: Kentucky removes 33,696 dead people from voter rolls – SOS Adams gives year-end update on voter roll maintenance. (Press Release)

KY Reproductive Rights Coalition plans Frankfort rally on Jan. 5 – Planned Parenthood Advocates and the American Civil Liberties Union of Kentucky will host a car rally at the Capitol, along with a 2021 legislative preview. (Press Release)

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