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Hi, everyone! Happy New Year!

Three things to do today! First, we’re asking you to take time in the next two days to phonebank, textbank and/or donate to the Georgia Senate race. 

Find a volunteer effort that suits your time limits or an organization that you like. Spanish-speaking volunteers are especially needed. (

Why is Georgia so important? Two words. Mitch McConnell.

McConnell stated in 2010: “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.” So McConnell’s goal 10 years ago – in his own words, was not to serve the American people. Not to slow down global warming, not to create jobs, not to improve health care, not to strengthen education, not to protect national security, or fight for equal rights. His top priority was to do everything humanly possible to hurt President Obama’s reelection prospects, regardless of the harm inflicted on the American people.

Under Trump, he’s continued his legislative reign of terror, ignoring hundreds of bills from the House in his single-minded dedication to installing as many right-wing Federalist extremists in our nation’s courts as he could, and ushering through tax scams and COVID relief plans that somehow always ended up with a rich and creamy surprise in the middle for the wealthiest amongst us and corporations.

It’s 2021. Along with all the delayed maintenance on our country and the fraying of our democracy, we’re in a pandemic that’s killing and impoverishing regular Americans.

All roads to turning the Senate around lead through Georgia. Even if you hate phoning, you can do this. These videos helped give us confidence…(

Second action for today. Call your legislators! You may have heard that our president tried to shake down GA Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger over the weekend, demanding that he cough up some +11,700 votes. You can hear and read every word, as Brad recorded it all as an insurance policy against Trump misquoting or attacking him. Which, of course, he did the next day.

So here’s the thing. One or more of these things are true.

– Our president, knowing that executive terrorism is his only hope of staying in office and fully cognizant of his actions, engaged in threatening and possibly criminal behavior against a state election official.

– Our president believes things about the last election that aren’t true, because he deliberately engages staff that insulate him from truth. Misusing the power of his office, he engaged in threatening and possibly criminal behavior against a state election official.

– Our president is no longer able to discern the truth, and misusing the power of his office, engaged in threatening and possibly criminal behavior against a state election official. Doesn’t matter. He wants to be famous. Let’s make him the first president in American history to be impeached twice! (

Third action: TODAY! 3:30 deadline! Remember our District Attorney Greg Totten, who pretty much did nothing when the GOP was placing its fake ballot boxes around the county? ( Oh wait, he endorsed GOP candidate Mike Garcia!

Well, he’s retiring and the VC Board of Supervisors will be meeting tomorrow, Tuesday, Jan 5, to discuss appointing a new DA for the remainder of his term. The process seems to be moving pretty swiftly, with a possible appointment by the end of January.

CALL TO ACTION: Submit public comment before the 3:30 pm deadline today, Jan 4th, asking the BOS to appoint a DA who will hold law enforcement accountable and prioritize racial equity.

Email public comment to ( (instructions on how to submit public comment or to register to give comment live during the meeting here: (

The agenda is below-Agenda item #10. (

Indivisible Ventura

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