Are You Tired of Winning Yet?

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Blue Beginning

We have one more fight to win 

We made 517,000 phone calls. Wrote 685,000 postcards. Sent 1.4 million text messages. We flipped Michigan and Wisconsin back to blue. Returned Lauren Underwood to Congress and sent Marie Newman there to join her. Elected state reps and a key state supreme court justice. . . But we have one fight left, and you know what it is: the Georgia Senate runoff elections January 5.

If we win, we clear a path to everything we worked so hard for: Covid relief, climate sanity, affordable health care, responsible foreign policy, fair pay, truth, science . . . and the departure of Bill Barr! But if we don’t win we’re back where we started in 2008, staring into the soulless face of Mitch McConnell’s cynical obstruction.

That’s why we’re working one last week to get Jon Ossoff and Reverend Raphael Warnock elected. Please, join us on the phones and help us finish this job. 

  • We have Indivisible Chicago phone banks scheduled for this Monday and Wednesday evenings, December 28 and 30. Same prep, same format, same leaders and lovable compatriots you’re used to. Go here to sign up.
  • If our sessions don’t suit you, this page will tell you how to call on your own; it also offers links for donations and more specialized opportunities like phone banks for Spanish speakers.

Trump and his Republican stooges are trying to give us these seats. Let’s make sure we take them.

Visit us at Email us at Check in with our Facebook group for news, events, and action opportunities posted by our members.

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