We’re Taking Our Fight to Georgia

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Blue Beginning

And . . . we’re back. 

Did you miss us? Please forgive the long hiatus, but like everyone else we wanted a rest after November 3. And then we kept waiting for the right moment to declare victory and celebrate . . . and it never seemed to come. Now we think the right moment will be inauguration day, January 20, and we’re planning an inaugural celebration that should be fun. More on that soon. But first we need to finish what we started in November. So . . .

We’re taking our fight to Georgia 

Over the past year volunteers like you came together in a remarkably effective phone banking program. We trained and deployed more than a thousand volunteers and made more than half a million calls. We developed a format that attracted participants from New York to San Diego. We earned thanks and praise from organizers and candidates all over Wisconsin and Michigan. But one thing we didn’t do was win the Senate. Yet.

Recently we got a call from Georgia organizers asking us to help them with their phone banking program. So we’re putting our band back together to get Jon Ossoff and Reverend Raphael Warnock elected in Georgia’s January 5 Senate runoffs. These should be satisfying phone banks to work on: we’ll be calling mostly Democratic voters to make sure they know how and where to cast their ballots; the Georgians report higher than usual pickup rates. 

We’ve planned a series of phone banks that will be familiar to veterans—same format, same leaders, same guidance and resources—and friendly to newbies (our specialty). Join us to finish the work of 2020 and create the first big victory of 2021.

  • Go here to see the schedule and sign up for our Indivisible Chicago Georgia phone banks.
  • If our sessions don’t suit you, this page will tell you how to call on your own; it also offers links for donations and more specialized opportunities like phone banks for Spanish speakers.

Visit us at bluebeginning.org. Email us at bluebeginning2017@gmail.com. Check in with our Facebook group for news, events, and action opportunities posted by our members.

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