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Biden Taps Women for Leadership Roles in His Administration

This week President-elect Joe Biden announced several historic nominations and appointments to key cabinet and White House posts, including two Black women. Linda Thomas-Greenfield, a 35-year veteran of the U.S. Foreign Service, will be nominated to serve as United Nations Ambassador, and Shuwanza Goff, the first Black woman to hold the position of Floor Director for the House of Representatives, will serve as Deputy Director of the White House Office of Legislative Affairs.


In addition, Janet Yellen would be the first woman to lead the Treasury Department, and Avril Haines would be the first woman to serve as the Director of National Intelligence.


Ohio Education Association and Ohio Federation of Teachers Urge Veto on Voucher Expansion

The Ohio Education Association and Ohio Federation of Teachers are calling on Gov. Mike DeWine to veto legislation that would expand the state’s school voucher program, which takes funding away from local school districts.

“Vouchers drain needed resources from the 90 percent of students who attend Ohio’s public schools,” said Ohio Education Association President Scott DiMauro. “This drain forces too many communities into raising their property taxes, which then subsidize tuition for many students who never stepped foot in the public schools that are now financing their private school education. Diverting resources from public schools has real consequences for students who don’t take vouchers, including larger class sizes and reduced opportunities that would have set them up for future success.

“By grandfathering in previously voucher-eligible students, whether they had used the vouchers or not, Senate Bill 89 fails to curb the destructive explosion of the voucher program, contrary to proponents’ claims. There was no compromise and no consultation with the education community to strike the deal that was passed out by the conference committee. It’s a voucher expansion, plain and simple.”

Ohio Federation of Teachers President Melissa Cropper said, “Senate Bill 89 throws more fuel on the fire without providing remedies to ensure that the 90 percent of Ohio students who attend public schools have the resources they need for a quality education.”

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