Focus on the Senate, Not on Shiny Objects

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To all my friends and activists:

I realize we are all excited over 45’s loss, but we cannot afford to linger on it nor allow ourselves to be distracted by shiny objects.

Now is NOT the time to be amplifying his tantrums, thus giving him the attention he craves. Now is NOT the time to bring up the GOP hypocrisy and cowardice. Now is NOT the time to be talking about Parler. These are just squirrels to a dog — a big distraction.

Now IS the time to focus on regaining the U.S. Senate and protecting all that we have worked so hard for.

Today, during open enrollment for the ACA, SCOTUS is hearing a case that could result in 21 million people losing health insurance. There are numerous other cases on the docket this year regarding LGBTQ issues as well as voting, civil rights and the environment. Cases that will become moot if we take the Senate and write laws the courts cannot overturn.

We can no longer afford ourselves the luxury of distractions.

We must focus all our energy on January 5 and the Georgia runoffs. If we do not win BOTH those seats then we allow gridlock to continue and our liberal objectives will not be realized.

Until at least 2023 and perhaps not at all.

We need to focus on the ISSUES that got us here!

We need to focus on the Senate seats in Georgia!


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