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Dear Indivisibles,

We are overwhelmed by the incredible, inspiring election effort by our community of volunteers. Soon, we will share our numbers and other details. But today, we want to step back and look at the big picture as we celebrate a Biden-Harris victory.


Yesterday morning the Presidential race was called for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. We’re both relieved and excited. We will have a Secretary of Education who believes in public education, a head of the EPA who cares about clean water and clean air, and so much more. We also have confirmed that two of the three candidates assigned to us by the national Sister District Project have won! Judy Schweibert was elected to the Arizona State House from Legislative District 20 and Jasmine Clark was re-elected to the Georgia State House from District 108. We are proud to have worked to put a teacher and a scientist in office. We’re also thrilled that our work added to the record turnout in both states, giving crucial electoral college votes to Biden-Harris! We wrote postcards, texted, called, canvassed (pre-COVID!), and hosted a successful fundraiser for Schweibert in Arizona. We called and donated to Clark in Georgia—and many of the calls we made through Reclaim Our Vote and the money we donated to the Environmental Voter Project turned out votes in Georgia as well. 


We worked tirelessly for Senate candidates in Arizona, Colorado, Alaska, Iowa, and Kansas. We knew that it would take a Democratic majority in the Senate to usher in true progressive change, and we are so proud of the countless hours of calling, texting, and writing you all did for these important races. Two of those candidates are heading for D.C. to fight for affordable health care, a sane immigration policy, and a coherent national response to the COVID and climate crises. Three of the candidates lost in heartbreaking races. Like with Stacey Abrams’ devastating loss in Georgia in 2018, we hope the campaigns we worked on become building blocks for future wins. Flipping states is a multiple election cycle process, and we were privileged to run this leg of the race. 


Nationally, Biden now has 50.5% of the national vote to Trump’s 47.7%, a difference of 4.1 million votes. Every vote was important. Every tenth of a percentage point underscores the legitimacy of a Biden presidency. Every call you made on behalf of a down-ballot Democratic candidate helped to build the largest vote count for a presidential candidate in history. What surprised us all is that the Republicans also had high voter turnout. Can you imagine what would have happened if we had not countered that with a massive, nationwide effort?


We entered 2020 with a dedicated group of longtime volunteers. We end it as a national powerhouse, with hundreds of volunteers who are eager to text, call, write, and donate. Our team leaders set up their own behind-the-scenes operations to use volunteer hours as efficiently as possible. That’s why campaigns now call us for help with last-minute needs. Our #DoTheWork ethos means we can stage around-the-clock events like Call-a-Palooza and texting marathons and distribute thousands of postcard addresses in a weekend. While our 2020 campaigns have now ended, the organization we have built together is ready to continue fighting for democracy with skill and passion.


Immediately, we will continue our effort to flip the Senate by calling, writing, texting, and donating to elect Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff in the Georgia runoff January 5th. The Postcard Team has addresses for postcards available now, and you can expect to hear more from us on opportunities to work in Georgia soon. In the months and years ahead, we have a lot to do. We won’t stop. We are proud to work alongside a community of activists who share a vision of a truly democratic country committed to justice and equality. 

With respect and gratitude for all you have given for your country,

Rachel Beck and Kelly Wilkerson
Indivisible Yolo & Sister District CA3

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