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Hi everyone!

It’s Wednesday, and apparently we here at Indivisible Ventura are cranky as hell…

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Could be partly attributed to the CA GOP deciding to stop labeling their boxes as “OFFICIAL” because, well, that was seriously criminal, and announcing that they were going to continue to violate state laws in a more clean and streamlined fashion.

Could be due to the fact we haven’t seen arrest warrants sent out for the following people, like any other criminal would get: GOP Chairwoman Jessica Patterson, LA County’s Dr. Richard Sherman, Fred M. Whitacker of Orange County, Mike Osborn of Ventura, Fred Vanderhoof of Fresno and any other GOP officials of counties infested with the fake boxes.
Could be due to the fact that our own county’s district attorney, Greg Totten, is seemingly missing in action. Oh, wait…there he is.. five days ago, endorsing Simi Valley’s mini-Trump – Mike Garcia, someone we might assume would be profiting from all these fake boxes.

CA AG Becerra seems to be creeping up on this issue, but we need public pressure to push both these men over the line.
There’s some scripts and email addresses to use here:

Because we’re snappy today, we’ve added some info-bits on Trump’s endorsements to our voter guide (Hello, Taliban, is that you?) and the totally predictable fake meme that Biden is endorsed by “antifa.” Also sharing a great article describing “originalism,” the legal position that guarantees that Amy Coney Barrett is filled with internalized self-loathing.

(Indivisible Ventura voting guide here:

Now, back to our regularly scheduled program….

Tonight at 5:00: SURJ is holding a webinar “Community Safety for all – a toolkit for white congregations to stop relying on police.”

In our action “Three things to do today”
( we’ve added a call to our senators to do what they swore to do in their first act as a legislator – defend the Constitution, which includes, in the Preamble, right up in front because it was so important, “promoting the general welfare.” Those yahoos should be working 24/7 on COVID relief to help Americans who are going hungry and homeless, not working to cement their own power structure.

We’ve posted a signup to become an election volunteer. They’ll help you find the best way to get involved — whether that’s monitoring polling places (from your vehicle, or with proper personal safety equipment), watchdogging social media for disinformation, or reaching out to voters to make sure they know their rights. You’ll connect voters with trained legal professionals who can help them navigate the voting process and cast their ballots safely and securely. Sign up here:

Today is Indivisible’s National Day of phonebanking. Sign up for a shift making calls to voters in key states to connect them directly and make sure they’re ready to take part in the 2020 election. You can volunteer from anywhere, and they’ll follow up and make sure you have everything you need to contact voters once you sign up. In order to volunteer, folks will need access to a computer or tablet to log in to our remote phonebanking system as well as a phone to actually make the calls.

Today’s Rogan’s list has a quote from Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: “I am angry. We should all be angry. Anger has a long history of bringing about positive change.”

Use your anger for good, people! Write, call, raise a ruckus, shine a hot white light on corruption everywhere and vote, vote, vote.

Indivisible Ventura

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