Rogan’s List for 10/13/2020

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 I am angry. We should all be angry. 

Anger has a long history of bringing about positive change.

 —Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie


Contact all Federal Members of Congress
(includes contact info and links to social media)

Fax legislators for free:

Or use Resistbot:

Purchase stamps, postcards, and other mailing supplies:

White House contact:

COVID RELIEF BILL:  As Kamala Harris tweetedyesterday, “To everyone who is barely hanging onto their homes, who has lost a loved one to COVID-19, who has no way to pay the bills: know that instead of voting to provide relief you desperately need, Senate Republicans today are choosing to hold a hearing to confirm a judge.”  On a day that was a national holiday, while members of the Judiciary Committee have COVID and were in attendance, the GOP is not thinking of the Americans who are struggling, or the cities, town and states that need COVID-relief help.  Help is overdue.  Let’s tell our MoCs that we want them to get their priorities straight and get the COVID relief package done now.

 CALL OUT THE WHITE HOUSE FOR BLOCKING A CDC RULE REQUIRING MASKS ON PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION: Last month the Trump administration put the lives of thousands of transportation workers and passengers at risk by blocking a CDC rule that would have mandated mask wearing. Now that decision is left up to states and municipalities, many of whom have followed the president’s lead in refusing to abide by scientific findings that show that masks and social distancing saves lives. Vice President Mike Pence, the head of the coronavirus task force was instrumental in making sure the rule was not enacted, even though it had the support of HHS secretary Alex Azar. Let’s tell the VP and the White House that the health of our economy depends upon people’s ability to feel safe when traveling and that we have a moral obligation to protect the health of our workers. Let’s also make sure the general public knows what happened by sharing this story widely, especially in response to Pence’s false claims in the VP Debate that the administration cares about the health and safety of all Americans. 

URGE SENATE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE TO ALLOW FORMER MEMBER OF PEOPLE OF PRAISE TO TESTIFY AT THE HEARINGS FOR SUPREME COURT JUSTICE NOMINEE: AMY CONEY BARRETT: A former member of the People of Praise Community, Cora Anika Thiell, has asked to testify at the Judiciary Committee hearings so that the American public might know the extent of sexism and abuse that has taken place in the People of Praise (where Judge Coney Barrett has been a member), a community in which women are subservient to their husbands in every way.’s tell our Senators, as well as Senate Judiciary Chair Lindsey Graham and ranking minority member Dianne Feinstein, that the American people deserve to know how the patriarchal beliefs of this community might influence the ways in which Judge Barrett will interpret women’s rights rulings.  

 ASK DEMOCRATS ON SENATE JUDICIARY COMMITTEE TO PRESS JUSTICE CONEY BARRETT ON RECUSING HERSELF FROM ANY RULINGS ON THE 2020 ELECTION: Trump has still not said that he will peacefully concede power if he loses, and he has made little secret of trying to lean on the Supreme Court to throw the election to him on baseless claims of mail-in voter fraud.’s ask all the Democratic members of the Judiciary Committeeto ask Coney Barrett many questions about her views on voting and election integrity and also ask her if she would recuse herself from ruling on this issue, since she was picked by Trump so close to the election.  

AMY BARRETT’S MISSING INFORMATION:  “Senate Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) today [Oct. 12] led all 10 Judiciary Committee Democrats in again calling on the Justice Department to provide any additional missing materials from Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s Senate Judiciary Questionnaire (SJQ).” Let’s contact the committee members and thank Democrats and share your concerns with Republicans at the committee phone (202) 224-5225 and acknowledge that all requested information should be made available.

PEOPLE’S PANDEMIC PREVENTION PLAN:  The People’s Pandemic Prevention Plan, to stop COVID, build back better, and prevent the pandemics of the future, is supported by 65,000 voters, and more than 250 organizations including NAACP, SEIU, Greenpeace, The Religious Action Center, United We Dream, Families USA and hundreds more.  Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Ro Khanna have written a letterto their Congressional colleagues asking for them to sign on to a letter supporting the Pandemic Prevention Plan.  Several have (find list here), but more are needed.  Let’s use this to ask our MoCs to sign on:  (h/t)

 CUSTOMS AND BORDER PATROL ARCHIVES:  Customs and Border Patrol has asked the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) for the green light to erase its paper trail and destroy internal documents, including records concerning alleged misconduct. Let’s ask our MoCs to contact NARA and make sure such destruction of records doesn’t happen. CBP’s abuse of detainees and blatant misuse of funds can’t be covered up.

 FIGHTING DISINFORMATION: As we get closer to the election, the amount of disinformation that is propagated can become overwhelming, making it difficult to determine what is fact and what is false. ReFrame, an organization that works on movement building through strategizing and communications, is working to fight against this disinformation by educating the public. They have worked with a coalition of organizations to create a Disinfo Defense Toolkit for Organizers and Advocates. Let’s set aside some time each day to work our way through this toolkit, then use what we learn to fight back against disinformation. We can also share this excerpt on social media on How to Not Amplify Disinfo.

LEGAL ADVICE FOR MILITARY PERSONNEL FACED WITH QUESTIONABLE ORDERS: Legal scholar Eugene R. Fidell, law professor Brenner M. Fissell, and military law practitioner Philip D. Cave have organized The Orders Project. If the nation faces civic unrest and military personnel are given legally questionable orders and wish to consult a lawyer, they can do so through The Orders Project. Let’s keep this in our back pocket if we’re in the military, and if we’re not, let’s share it with those we know who are:

 POSTCARDING OPPORTUNITIES:  From on of our own:  Let’s gather some friends, virtually perhaps, check this list, and get writing!  Here’s this week’s list: 



 TURN OUT HARD-TO-REACH VOTERS: DemCast is sponsoring this Act Blue fund, which “sends your money directly to the grassroots organizations working to turn out hard-to-reach voters – especially voters of color.” Those of us with some cash to spare can donate here:

 PHONEBANK WITH FIELD TEAM 6 TONIGHT: “Join Field Team 6 in calling voters in our Battleground States! On your call, you’ll be reaching out to get people registered or signed up to vote from home (vote by mail).”  We can learn more and sign up here:

 LEARN HOW TO PHONEBANK:  Spend fewer than 6 minutes learning how to phone bank from Mandy Patinkin and his wife Kathryn Grody at:

 GOTV TEXTING:  GOTV texting to young, Black, people of color, and Latinx voters in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin with Open Progress.  Learn more at:

 TEXT WI AND MI DEM VOTERS:  Train with Indivisible Chicago to text Michigan or Wisconsin Democratic voters to GOTV, and then sign up for a shift.  We can find opportunities at:

 MAINERS: Here’s Suit Up Maine‘s new GOTV guide. Features canvasses and phone and text banks hosted by a lot of different groups, is organized by county and updated every Friday. Find a GOTV action that works for you and sign up now:


 HELP DEFEND MUST-SAVE SENATE SEAT: Gary Peters (D-MI) has MUST save Senate seat and his once strong lead has now tightened to a single point. If we lose this seat, we may lose our chance to flip the Senate blue. We can click here to donate if we are able to, phone, textbank, or use the social media toolkit to raise awareness: Let’s re-elect Gary and turn the Senate blue!

 POSTCARDS TO VOTERS: Ohio Democrats are two seats away from the majority on the Ohio Supreme Court. Since the two Democratic candidates, John O’Donnell and Jennifer Brunner, will appear on ballots without a “D” next to their names, Democratic voters won’t know which ones will serve on the court fairly and remain independent of special interests. Sending them fun, friendly postcards will give them something to nudge them in the right direction when they vote. Let’s request addresses today from Postcards to Voters for Campaign 216: Ohio Supreme Court.

 FLIP A SENATE SEAT BLUE:  Jaime Harrison and Lindsey Graham are in a dead heat in their Senate race in South Carolina. Jaime can WIN this race if we get out the vote! To write postcards for Jaime click on the link to request our postcards now: we can, let’s donate to his campaign: 


 REGISTER DEMOCRATS IN SWING STATES: Student voters and purged voters are KEY to taking back our democracy in November. Field Team 6 needs our help to register them as Democrats to vote by mail! All training provided.  Let’s click here for more info and to sign up:


 PROTECT OUR VOTES: The Election Protection hotline is a coalition of volunteers, including attorneys, providing guidance, information, and help to American voters. With Trump and the Republican party planning to dispatch potentially intimidating “poll watchers” where we vote, let’s be sure to have the hotline phone number listed in our mobile phone contacts so we can get help if we need it. English: 866-687-8683. Spanish: 888-839-8682. Asian languages: 888-274-8683. Arabic: 844-925-5287.

 RANDY RAINBOW FUNDRAISER:  Spend 4 minutes watching Randy Rainbow’s latest (with Patti LuPone!) at and then donate to the ACLU (on the right side of your screen)

 USE INTERACTIVE WEB BASED MAP TO TRACK, REPORT VOTING PROBLEMS: Democracy Labs,  partnered with a grassroots nonpartisan coalition of voting rights supports, is launching “See Something Say Something 2020” an interactive web based map where we can report and track voting problems, including long lines, machine problems,  voter suppression, intimidation or harassment in less than one minute from any browser. Reports are screened, then shared with media, partners, influencer and law enforcement when appropriate. We can find out more about SeeSay2020 when we click here: ttps://  We can submit information about voting problems here:

TRAIN TO BE AN ELECTION DEFENDER: People are voting, and voter suppression is in full swing, with chaos at the polls virtually guaranteed as Trump inflames his base.   We can help fight back as Election Defenders, making sure that people have the resources needed to vote safely. The Frontline — a new group sponsored by the Working Families Organization, the Working Families Party, and the Movement for Black Lives Electoral Justice Project, is organizing Election Defenders to “provide safe supports for voting (such as PPE and water), and election and voter defense, de-escalating right-wing intimidation tactics and signaling to a network of groups and lawyers if and where trouble breaks out.” We can learn more and sign up here for virtual, hour-and-a-half Election Defender trainings on October 13 and October 20:  We can also text FRONTLINE to 30403 for updates on other actions ahead of the election.

 FLIP PA STATEHOUSE TO PROTECT BIDEN ELECTORAL COLLEGE VOTES: Pennsylvania’s 20 Electoral College votes may play a key role in deciding the election, with the GOP threatening to appoint Pro Trump electors despite a Biden victory.  While it is debatable whether these strongarm tactics would succeed, flipping the PA Statehouse would prevent them entirely.  Final decisions on electors take place after the new session begins on Dec 1, and with a Democratic majority in place, the will of the voters will be accurately reflected. We click here to join in a Turn PA Blue phone bank, with several days and times that can suit our needs. Let’s flip PA and our country Blue!


ALL – TRUMP’S ELECTION TAMPERING:  In what DOJ officials claim was routine and did not involve political appointees, an email was sent last Friday by the Public Integrity Section of the DOJ to dozens of prosecutors known as district election officers; the email lifted a prohibition, in place since 1980, on making any announcement about ongoing investigations close to an election as well as from taking public steps—such as an arrest or a raid—before a vote is finalized.  Now, if a U.S. attorney’s office so much as suspects election fraud involving postal workers, military employees, or any other federal agent, investigators will be allowed to take public investigative steps before the polls close, even if those actions might affect the outcome of the election:   Let’s object by contacting Corey R. Amundson, Chief, Public Integrity Section at the Public Integrity Section Direct Line (202) 514-1412.  And let‘s locate our “district election officers” ( and make sure they know we want no election tampering, of this or any kind.

 CA:  PHONEY BALLOT DROP BOXES:  It seems that the CA GOP is setting up ballot drop boxes which are not legal.  If we are going to drop off a ballot in CA, let’s make sure it is a valid ballot drop box by using this: 


ACTIVISM 101 WEBINAR:  Jess Craven, of Chop Wood Carry Water, is continuing her Activism 101 sessions! Activism 101 is a free, one-hour (ish) webinar for folks who have very little to no experience with activism and/or political action. It’s a survey course with one goal: to give those who are furious and sickened by the state of our, bite-sized actions they can take to help vote Trump out, flip the Senate, win a bunch of down-ballot races, and basically make good things happen in November and beyond. Workshop will be led by Jessica Craven who is a mom, veteran activist, elected member of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party Central Committee, legislative chair of her Moms Demand Action chapter, and the author of daily actions email “Chop Wood, Carry Water.”  Let’s grab a few friends and inquire about times:  


Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s full opening statement in Barrett Supreme Court confirmation hearing –

 The German model for America –

 Yes, Mike Lee, America Is a Democracy –

 Coronavirus cases in Arizona dropped 75% after mask orders began, CDC reports –

We can stay up to date on Congress by checking out their schedules. a) The House publishes a weekly schedule at The Weekly Leader (published and dated Friday) as well as daily schedules at The Daily Leader. b) The Senate updates their schedule daily at the Senate Floor Schedule

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