PA Republican Hall of Shame

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State Rep. Aaron Bernstine (R), already infamous for promising he’d run over protesters with his car, posted a video of him handing his 5 year old son a cigar and telling him to “hit it harder” as the child smoked it.
In another video, he taught his son to use derogatory sexual terms for women.

Even the soulless PA Republicans have called for his resignation, so you know it’s bad!

We’re proud to support Bernstine’s opponent, Kolbe Cole, a dedicated mother of two who advocates for youth mental health.

Today, please donate to Kolbe Cole and 7 other Democrats running to defeat the absolute worst PA Republicans in our Hall of Shame.

Then, sign up to phone bank for Democrats this weekend. Multiple shifts available!

Meet our PA Republican Hall of Shame, and the Democrats running to defeat them.
State Rep. Andrew Lewis (PA-HD105) tested positive for coronavirus, then hid it from his Democratic colleagues. Democrat Brittney Rodas is a policy analyst who put herself through college & grad school.

State Rep. Daryl Metcalfe (PA-HD12) went on an unhinged homophobic rant when another legislator tapped him on the arm. Democrat Dan Smith is openly gay and works in the financial industry.

State Rep. Stephanie Borowicz (PA-HD76) called coronavirus a punishment from God and has proudly posed for photos with white supremacists. Democrat Joe Waltz grew up on a farm, and is a retired high school teacher.

State Rep. Martina White (PA-HD170) quoted a white supremacist group when she introduced an anti-immigrant bill. Democrat Mike Doyle is a realtor & small business owner.

State Rep. Russ Diamond (PA-HD102) took a statement about transphobia and replaced “LGBTQ” with “unmasked.” Democrat Matthew Duvall works as an instructional designer for a company serving people with autism.

State Rep. Kerry Benninghoff (PA-HD171) led the charge to conduct endless “voter fraud” investigations to sow chaos in this year’s elections. Democrat Peter Buck is chair of the Ferguson Township Board of Supervisors.

And State Rep. Cris Dush is running for State Senate after comparing Gov. Tom Wolf’s coronavirus response to Nazi Germany. Democrat Margie Brown is a former teacher, journalist, and city councilwoman.

These Republicans bring great shame to our Commonwealth. Let’s defeat them!

Donate to Kolbe Cole and 7 other Democrats running to defeat the absolute worst PA Republicans — racists, sexists, homophobes, coronavirus hiders and corruptors of children.

Then, sign up to phone bank for Democrats this weekend. Multiple shifts available!

Thanks for standing up!

— Turn PA Blue

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