Thoughts and Prayers

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Blue Beginning

Thoughts and prayers

Today our best wishes go out to everyone who suffers from Covid 19 — and to the families and loved ones of the 210,000 Americans who have lost their lives to date. And to the underprivileged communities that will bear the brunt of the plague this winter. We all deserve the sympathy and goodwill of our fellow Americans. We all deserve the best health care our country can provide. 

We have one month left to cure what ails us. Scan our events below, call some friends, and pick a few shifts that work for you. 

Another Goal Bites the Dust

Toward the end of August, you may recall, we announced an ambitious goal: we wanted to make 200,000 phone calls to our three battleground states before election day. About a month later we had to change our plans — 300,000. Last week we added a fourth state, Iowa, and today we’re changing our goal again, to 400,000.  

Sorry to have underestimated you. You’re killing it. You’re winning this fight. In just a month, when the congratulations and celebrations begin, you will enjoy the moment knowing you made it happen. 

But don’t let up yet. Let’s finish this job.

Good neighbors

This week we continue our efforts for two candidates who have great chances to flip midwestern seats from red to blue: Theresa Greenfield, who’s running to bump off the Trumped-up Senator Joni Ernst in Iowa, and Jon Hoadley, who’s opposing the healthcare-hating 17-term incumbent Fred Upton in Michigan. We’re running phone banks for both on Thursday.

More ways to get busySign up at Indivisible Chicago to receiveDaily Actions, three ways to make a difference every dayOur weekly Go Time email, seven days worth of phone banks, text banks, and training classes delivered every Monday morningWhile you’re there, check out our schedule of actions and events in handy Calendar view. 

Visit us at Email us at Check in with our Facebook group for news, events, and action opportunities posted by our members.

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