30 Days Until Voting: The Voters Needs Your Protection

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Election 2020


“Why ‘Stand Back and Stand By’ Should Set Off Alarm Bells”
by Kathleen Belew,
The New York Times, October 2, 2020

According to recent news reports, the GOP plans to send out 50,000 volunteers to watch the polls starting now with early voting to Election Day.

This is why it is critical we help recruit poll observers. Four of our Democratic Voter Protection phone banks focus on this situation. Sign up with one of these states:

New to Making Calls?

If you are new to phone banking, please go to our Quick Start Guide to get started and then on Sunday we can provide you with support.

Email us if you have any questions!

Mandy Patinkin and his wife Kathryn Grody teach you everything you need to start phone banking with confidence
this election season.

Why come to the Cafe?
“I put it on my calendar as a regular appointment — like pilates. I wouldn’t miss it. I get support from people doing the same work. I know I’ll get critical work done. I know I’ll be doing something to save my country.”
— A Resistance Cafe regular

Sunday Phone Banking Cafe

 Sundays from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM 


Can’t Make It on Sunday? No Problem.
Join Us on
Tuesdays from 4:00PM to 6:00PM

Or on Thursdays hosted by Indivisible Mad River Valley
 from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM


Spend 2 very productive hours helping recruit poll observers, providing voters with information, and supporting one another!
It is a great way to start your week.

Phone Bank Power Hour

 Saturdays at 4:00 PM and Mondays at 6:00 PM


60 solid minutes of calling time for experienced phone bankers (an experienced phone banker is one who has actively called for 2 or more hours). The Virtual “doors” will open 5 minutes before the Power Hour starts; we get to work right on time and wrap up right on time. 

Texting to Win: Sign Up NOW!

If you haven’t yet signed up with a texting group/team and gone through their training process, we urge you to do so today! Now that we are in the final weeks before the election, the organizers’ capacity to onboard and support new volunteers will be increasingly limited, and eventually some groups will stop accepting new texters! But it’s not too late yet!

Please see Textbanking Groups for over a dozen groups running texting who are welcoming new volunteers, the resources on our website to get oriented to how peer-to-peer texting (and Slack!) work, and if you have any questions about how to choose or how to get started, head over to the #textbanking channel of our Slack workspace!  

New to Texting? Have some questions?
Send us an email here.

Our Giving Circles Keep on Giving!

 We had an amazing on-line Rally September 30th with Andrea Miller, Executive Director of Reclaim Our Vote, for all our postcarders and Giving Circle members. This month we are supporting ROV’s Billboard Project, 90+ digital billboards in key southern states providing essential voting information in marginalized communities. Our 44 participants donated an astounding $1,960 in 45 minutes.

 Learn more about Giving Circles

Billboards are a highly effective strategy for reaching voters of color who live in rural parts of ROV’s eight target states. These voters matter but are often difficult to reach by phone, postcard or text. The Billboard Campaign is an important adjunct to ROV’s other high-impact strategies.

Donate Here!

In-Person Poll Observers

If you are able to travel, out-of-staters can serve as poll observers. Each state has its own rules. For example in Pennsylvania, only registered voters in a given county can be an inside observer. However, anyone can be an outside observer. In Wisconsin, there are no particular residency requirements. 

If you are interested, go to our voter protection page and click on the state and sign up through their process.  

Thank You!
for a Whopping 225,000 Postcards
This Year

225,000 voters in AL, AZ, GA, NC, and TX will have received a postcard from a member of Lean Left Vermont. We’re fresh out of Reclaim Our Vote addresses, but our writers will be going strong until the final mailing on October 10th. Many, many thanks to all of you who stepped up and answered the call!

You can do more!
Choose your next course of action. 

  1. Check out Lean Left’s phone banks then follow the steps in our Quick Start Guide to Making Calls. Worried about phoning? Check out this information. It’s made just for you! 
  2. OR if you’re very comfortable with technology, consider Texting with Lean Left.

Have questions? Need support?
Get in touch with us here. 


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Lean Left Vermont works to elect Democrats and Progressives in key states around the nation. We empower Vermonters to engage in strategic, targeted actions that will flip congressional and state-level seats from red to blue, or keep seats blue.

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