Indivisible St. Johns Newsletter Sept 27, 2020

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Indivisible St Johns


If, like me, you are feeling overwhelmed by the events in the country, the violence, the uncertainty, and the massive amount of work to be done, it is important to not give up but to persist in efforts to reject autocracy and to enable democracy.  Persistence is an antidote to hopelessness.

It’s not a done deal yet–let’s keep up the pressure!

Senator Rubio and Senator Scott, Floridians should have a voice in the selection of their next Supreme Court Justice

Let’s celebrate RBG’s legacy with action and sign on to this letter campaign that will be delivered to Florida Senator’s Marco Rubio and Rick Scott. We are urging them to come out publicly and announce their agreement with a past statement made by Mitch McConnell stated, “The American people should have a voice in the selection of their next Supreme Court Justice. Therefore, this vacancy should not be filled until we have a new president.”
Do It Here  — or email or call them individually.

Talk about speaking truth to power–Amy Klobuchar nails it!  A bit of inspiration for you.Click HERE

What: Get-Out-the-Vote! DEMs with VBMWhen: Sat, Sep 26 – Mon, Oct 19

Mail ballots will begin to be delivered to voters on Sept. 24th. We need to contact DEMs with vote-by-mail (VBM) to educate them on how to return their ballots to ensure they are counted. Many are voting by mail for the first time and may be confused by misinformation. We will inform them about Drop Boxes, deadlines, and how to track their ballot online, among other things. Since we can’t canvass voters, we’ll chat with DEMs who have cell phones via text messages, call DEMs with landlines only, and hang information on the doors of VBM DEMs with no listed phone number.

Please select an available slot below to volunteer. If you haven’t yet been trained by Blue Wave Coalition, please note that in the Comments box next to your name. You will be sent a link to a Zoom training where we’ll quickly get you started. If you have been trained by us, we’ll send you the script and other information so you can get going on your own. THANK YOU FOR VOLUNTEERING!

Click HERE for Blue Wave’s complete list of volunteer opportunities.  You’ll needto scroll down a bit to see it.


Thanks to YOU!!  We were able to send out 8,800 postcards to Republican women showing them how qualified Joe is to be the next County Commissioner in District 1 and how UNQUALIFIED their candidate is.  These postcards hit mailboxes yesterday, the same day mail-in ballots arrived.  We couldn’t have done this without your support!!Now we are facing another hurdle!!  Yesterday’s Supervisor of Elections report showed $18,000 in contributions ($11,500 we can readily see are from developers).   We are far short of this number!!  While we have funds covering upcoming full page ads in our local papers for October, we need to place 3200 palm cards at NPA doors and with enough donations, purchase a billboard on I-95 between 210 and World Golf Village.  The cost of the billboard is about $2,600.  With road signs being stolen, we feel this is an opportunity that our opponent’s supporters can’t stop.  Won’t you help us increase Joe’s visibility in the county and pitch in TODAY!  
 If you can and are able, please consider any donation $10, $25, $50, even $200 to help us get Joe’s message to NPAs and get us one step closer to a BILLBOARD!!


There are many ways to volunteer safely!

Remember, you can also download your own letters to write from Vote Forward.  The new date to mail them is October 17.  Click HERE for more info and to download your letters.


This week a brave Whistleblower revealed egregious medical neglect and abuse withinthe Department of Homeland Security and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Irwin County Detention Facility in Georgia.  In addition to refusing to test people in detention for COVID 19, ICE performed an alarming amount of hysterectomies on immigrant women against their will.  These disturbing reports are the latest form of widespreaddocumentedabuse and cruelty carried out by ICE and a reminder of the dark history of forced sterilization in the U.S., particularly of women of color, that is continuing today.  It is vital that Members of Congress hear that their constituents are outraged by this abuse and want to see Congress cut funding for these agencies that perpetuate a racist, anti-immigrant agenda of violence and neglect that serve only to harm our communities.
CONTACT YOUR SENATORS AND REPRESENTATIVES!  More info here on suggested scripts and more.

Join the Save Our Democracy Rapid Response 


There is no democracy in a nation that ignores justice and the rule of law.

Hopefully, we will have a spirited election and if needed a peaceful transition of power. However, we must not wait for something to happen and then react. We must build a rapid response team and be ready to stand up for the rule of law and democracy if needed.


If you’re wondering about those Ballot Amendments. . .you need to email to get the Zoom link.

The latest from our Mike Konopacki

As always, we love to hear from you! Drop us a line that you are safe and healthy. Let us know if you need anything!

Nana Royer, Editor

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