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RIP RBG. We’ll take it from here.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a champion of women’s rights, civil rights, voting rights — everything that’s right, and all of it under attack today. The best way to honor her memory is to carry on her fight.

We don’t know how the Supreme Court situation will play out or where the political pieces will fall. We’re probably in for a circus, and we’re not likely to enjoy the finale. Don’t be distracted. Now more than ever, we need to focus and follow through on the plan we started with.

Here’s the good news: You are executing that plan. You are meeting the moment. Indivisible Chicago started our phone banking program with the goal of making 200,000 calls before election day. You just blew through that goal six weeks early; now we’re aiming for 300,000. We started our postcard program hoping to write half a million cards to Wisconsin and Michigan. We’ll wind up sending 15.7 million to 14 swing states. A few weeks ago we had 200 phone bankers and said we needed 200 more. Today we have over 700, with dozens more joining every day. This week we’re opening new phone banks to keep everyone busy.

Activists and organizations from California to Massachusetts have noticed our work and joined forces with us. Joined forces with you. In six weeks, when we have a new president, a Democratic Senate, and an opportunity to make America good again, you’ll not only celebrate, you’ll be celebrated as the people who made it happen.

But first we have to make it happen. If you’re with us already, please keep it up and do what you can to step it up. If you’ve yet to join us, come on in. Your timing is perfect.

Q: How did Marie Newman defeat Dan Lipinski and become IL-6th congresswoman-in-waiting? A: Special sauce.

Can we win the Senate?

Our old friend Don Rose, one of the savviest vote counters there is, says the Senate can be won and rates the races in his latest newsletter. Read his analysis, keep the faith, and send money to the candidates.

Protect the Vote 

Democratic party officials in Wisconsin and Michigan are asking for help to ensure that everybody gets to vote and every vote gets counted. They need poll watchers and observers, staff for their voter protection hotlines, and phone bankers to recruit more volunteers. Learn more and sign up here for Michigan, here for Wisconsin. Or help our partners at Swing Left recruit people for Wisconsin.

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