GIFs to flip the Senate, protect the Court, and honor the 200,000

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We need to flip the Senate and protect the Court

Plus: 200,000 are dead from COVID-19, and the president is responsible

Flip the Senate | Protect the Court | Honor the 200,000
Republican hypocrisy knows no bounds, but research shows that — more than they care about the senate majority’s craven disregard for their past words — voters understand the court fight as being about basic fairness. Use these research-tested graphics to ensure we flip the Senate, and fight for a court that isn’t radicalized by extreme politics.

We also have a collection to mark a milestone that’s both sad and infuriating: Yesterday marked the 200,000th COVID death in the US. The president knew what was happening, chose to do nothing, and voters need to know. Use these GIFs to make it clear that these deaths were preventable.

Flip the Senate

Flip the Senate
Flip the Senate
Flip the Senate
Flip the Senate
Flip the Senate.
Flip the Switch.
Many hands make light work. Flip Georgia.
Flip Iowa
Flip Arizona
Flip Arizona.

Protect the Court

Protect the Courts
Stop playing politics with the Courts
Protect the court. Defend the future. Vote Biden-Harris

Honor the 200,000

He knew. And now 200,000 are dead.
He knew. And now 200,000 are dead.

This is NOT justice

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