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An interview with Mandee McKelvey. Friday 9/25, live at noon.

Five Things to Know Today

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    • Your democracy is on the ballot this year.
    • On the ballot: Democracy vs Autocracy
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    • Your vote for president will be a choice between democracy and fascism

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Today’s Five Things to Know

9/22 update — Beshear asks coaches to put student health first, urges schools in ‘red zones’ to follow guidance

With some schools already having to cancel games due to positive cases, Gov. Beshear urged coaches and parents to put the health of their student-athletes as their top priority. (Forward Kentucky)

‘No honor.’ McGrath slams McConnell for effort to fill Ginsburg’s Supreme Court seat.

Amy McGrath, the Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate in Kentucky, said U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell’s effort to push through the confirmation of a Supreme Court nominee less than 50 days before the election exemplifies why she’s running against him.

“Enough is enough,” McGrath told reporters in Lexington Tuesday. “The man has no principles, has no honor. It’s all about himself, it’s all about his power. And if you think about it, it’s part of the bigger picture. It was never about us, it was never about Kentucky, it was never about Republican or conservative principles, it was never about anything but his own power.” (Herald-Leader)

First Trump-Biden debate to cover court, COVID

President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden will face off on the Supreme Court, the coronavirus pandemic, and race and violence in the nation’s cities next week when they meet for their first presidential debate. The nonpartisan Commission on Presidential Debates on Tuesday announced the six topics for the first face-to-face event scheduled for Sept. 29 in Cleveland. The topics were selected by the debate’s moderator, Fox News’ Chris Wallace, and will each be the subject of 15-minute blocks in the debate. The topics are: The Trump and Biden Records, The Supreme Court, Covid-19, The Economy, Race and Violence in our Cities, and The Integrity of the Election. The topics are subject to change because of news developments, the commission said. (West Kentucky Star)

Local protesters warn of ‘paid agitators’ as decision in Breonna Taylor case looms

With possible demonstrations after the pending decision in the Breonna Taylor case, some local protesters are warning others to be wary of ‘paid agitators.’ Shameka Parrish-Wright, of the Kentucky Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression, said people with bad intentions may hide among the protesters.

“We have to know who our allies are. Some people are dressed like us, look like us and are in this crowd right now who are paid agitators and paid to disrupt,” she said. “Here’s where I want you all to be careful. Some of these paid agitators will be right on the side of you, telling you to do something they won’t do.” (WDRB)

The Paducah caravan of McConnell – an eyewitness account

Thirty cars and their occupants protested outside Senator Mitch McConnell’s office in Paducah as part of Moral Monday. Berry Craig was there and shares this eye-witness account. (Forward Kentucky)

This Friday on “The State of Kentucky”

There’s a new online comedy show, with Mitch McConnell as the host! It’s “The Mitch Show,” and it’s written and produced right here in Kentucky. Join us as we talk with Mandee McKelvey, an acress on the show who plays both Kayleigh McEnany and Amy McGrath. McKelvey is not only an actress; she also does stand-up comedy, so this TSOK should be large fun. 😊 Join us!

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Upcoming Events from the ForwardKY Calendar

We post about upcoming events by campaigns and organizations if we know about them in time. Post your events here. View the full calendar here.

  • Thursday (9/24) – Planned Parenthood Phone Banking (Info)
  • Saturday (9/26) – KFTC Fall Gathering, Session 2 (Info)
  • Saturday (9/26) – Forum for House District 13 Candidates (Glenn/Johnson) (Info)
  • Tuesday (9/29) – Forum for House District 33 Candidates (Nemes/Plattner) (Info)
  • Tuesday (9/29) – Virtual Reception w/ Gov. Beshear, James Taylor, & Yo-Yo Ma (Info)
  • Wednesday (9/30) – Demand Safe Schools Rally and Caravan (Info)

Recent Content on Forward Kentucky

[new] indicates item not in a Forward Five before

[new] Bill to add sexual harassment as ethical misconduct proposed – A bill to have sexual harassment and discrimination added to what could be considered ethical misconduct was discussed by a legislative committee Tuesday. (News)

[new] Fact Check: Claim linking Joe Biden to Social Security taxes is misleading – Claim: “Prior to 1983, social security was not taxable. Joe Biden voted successfully in favor of taxing 50% of social security.” Fact check: Half true. (Fact Check)

[new] Beau of the Fifth Column on expectations, justice, and Breonna Taylor – Beau of the Fifth Column weighs in on the Breonna Taylor case, and notes that no matter what AG Cameron does, there has already been an indictment. (Commentary)

9/21 update – 2nd highest weekly case number, but positivity rate remains under 4 percent – Also – discussion of school opening guidance and state’s case incident map; pets in long-term care facilities; and Kentucky’s strong testing numbers. (News)

What died on Mitch’s desk? – We elect leaders and trust that we can relax while they do their job, fighting for our interests. When we weren’t looking, McConnell abused our trust. And for that, he must go. (Commentary)

Ruth Bader Ginsburg – Zen master – The “B”  in RBG could easily stand for “Bodhisattva” – a person who delays self-happiness out of compassion to save sufferings of others. (Commentary)

Protest and march at AG’s office in Louisville – Protesters gathered at the Louisville office of Attorney General Daniel Cameron on Friday, September 18, to demand justice for Breonna Taylor. Del Ramey was there and captured these images. (Photo Gallery)

‘One of the most nauseating acts of political hypocrisy in decades’ – “McConnell’s bottom line is simply to stay in office and enrich himself and the billionaires who support him. I don’t think he believes in anything.” (Commentary)

Mitch’s voicemail message – Healthcare – If you call Senator McConnell’s office about healthcare, what voicemail message do you get? Aaron Smith is pretty sure he knows how it would go. (Cartoon)

Who cleans up environmental mess bankrupt coal companies leave behind? – As more coal companies file for bankruptcy, it remains unclear what will happen to hundreds of thousands of acres of unreclaimed mine land in eastern Kentucky and the rest of Appalachia. (News)

Biden and McGrath: Union Yes! Trump and McConnell: ‘Union, no.’ – What’s the word you don’t hear when President Donald Trump and Sen. Mitch McConnell talk jobs? UNION. (Commentary)

It’s propaganda, not hypocrisy: Republicans use lying as their primary governing technique – Hypocrisy implies there’s a previous ideology being upset; there wasn’t one, and isn’t one, and no serious politics-watcher ever thought otherwise. (Commentary)

God vs Trump – In hindsight, it seems so obvious: How could so many Christians have missed God’s message? (Commentary)

Indivisible Danville does “Burma Mitch” roadside rally – The intrepid members of Indivisible Danville were out Friday for “rush” hour for some anti-Mitch shenanigans, doing a set of “Burma Mitch” signs by the highway. Nick Lacy captured the moment. (Media)

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