Can’t Believe We Have To Say This, But Donald Trump Did Not Save The American Auto Industry

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LORDSTOWN — Speaking on Thursday to a crowd in Michigan that likely knows better and responded with tepid applause, Donald Trump falsely claimed, “After the last administration nearly killed the U.S. auto industry, I saved the U.S. auto industry.”

Seriously, the Washington Post fact-checked Trump’s claims about the auto industry just this week and gave them Four Pinocchios.

“Only five new auto plants have been announced since Trump took office, and investment in auto manufacturing was higher under the last three years of Barack Obama’s presidency than the first three of Trump’s. Three of the four states name-checked by Trump do not have new plants. And there’s no evidence that Trump’s threat of tariffs led to more auto investment.”

If you don’t believe Glenn Kessler, believe your own eyes.

Here is what the General Motors plant in Lordstown looked like under President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden:

Here is a billboard from Defiance, Ohio, in 2012:

And here is what the General Motors plant in Lordstown looks like under Donald Trump:

With Vice President Mike Pence set to visit Ohio on Tuesday, it’s worth remembering some of his recent trips to the Buckeye State.

July 2019: Pence attended a central Ohio groundbreaking for Magna Seating, a company that had closed its plant in Lordstown and laid off hundreds of workers. At the event, Pence made incorrect statements about the future of the GM Lordstown plant.

June 2020: Pence visited the former GM Lordstown plant for a photo op to unveil a prototype vehicle that was built elsewhere. An auto industry analyst said, “I have yet to see any evidence that they’ve begun retooling that factory.”

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