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Good morning! It’s feedback time again!

I keep kicking around the idea of some sort of listing of events, especially as we move into high gear for the election. And, even as we work on electing Biden and all the other good candidates down the ballot, there are also ongoing protests and actions that need promoting.

BUT – I’ve done this before, and it turned into something of a time suck. The ideal situation would be for the sponsoring organizations to enter their data into a form on our site, and all I would have to do is edit it and approve it. Most of the time, though, I had to learn of the event (often through an email announcement) and enter it myself.

I’ve been doing these as mini-stories the past few weeks, primarily for the McGrath campaign as they announce her upcoming schedule. You’ve seen them in the Forward Five, and they’ve gotten some good readership on the site.

SO – two questions for you to send me feedback about:

  1. If there was a special section on the website for Upcoming Events, would you use it?
  2. If that section could be filtered by location (so you would know how close it was to you), would that change your answer to the first question?

Let me know what you think by using the feedback link at the bottom. Thanks!

Bruce Maples, publisher
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Today’s Five Things to Know

9/8 update — Positivity rate drops below 4% for first time in eight weeks

While announcing only one new death from COVID-19 on Tuesday and a positive test rate dipping below 4% for the first time since mid-July, Gov. Andy Beshear also urged caution. (Forward Kentucky)

Beshear meets with Black lawmakers on special session, makes vaccine pledge

Gov. Andy Beshear met with Black legislative leaders in Frankfort Tuesday about the possibility of a special session dealing with police reforms – and made a personal promise to Kentuckians regarding COVID-19 vaccination.

Reacting to criticisms from Republican leaders regarding the state’s handling of ongoing racial justice protests and incidents of violence in Louisville, along with calls for a special session, Beshear chose to start the discussion about potential legislative action with the Black Legislative Caucus.

“This is a place that we’ve got to start and these are leaders that deserve to be heard. I want to make sure that that’s the first conversation that I have,” the Democrat said. “Now, we have numerous conversations with other groups planned out and the idea here is to determine if something is truly possible.” (WUKY)

With millions facing serious hardship, McConnell plan doesn’t meet nation’s needs

Senator McConnell released a “skinny” relief package with no food or rental assistance, no state or local fiscal relief, and a short-term fix to jobless benefits. The latest data make clear a much stronger package is essential. (Forward Kentucky)

Related: Coronavirus deal hopes fade as Congress returns

At least there won’t be a government shutdown.

But as lawmakers straggle back to Washington for an abbreviated preelection session, hopes are dimming for another coronavirus relief bill — or much else.

Talks between top Democrats and the Trump administration broke off last month and remain off track, with the bipartisan unity that drove almost $3 trillion in COVID-19 rescue legislation into law this spring replaced by toxic partisanship and a return to Washington dysfunction. (WUKY)

Almost every county in KY lost more jobs than the national average

According to a jobs analysis from the Daily Yonder, almost every county in Kentucky is dealing with job loss that is higher than the national average for that type of county. (Forward Kentucky)

McGrath assails McConnell’s leadership on virus

Democrat Amy McGrath is laying the mounting toll of coronavirus cases and deaths in the U.S. at the feet of Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Campaigning Tuesday in Kentucky, the retired Marine pilot said the country needs people in power who take responsibility again. McGrath said an improved federal response is needed in testing and contact tracing. While McGrath attacked his response to the pandemic, McConnell announced Tuesday that the Senate will vote on a trimmed-down Republican coronavirus-relief package. Despite trailing McConnell in the polls, McGrath’s blistering campaign fundraising pace continued in August. Her campaign said Tuesday that she raised $8.7 million last month. (West Kentucky Star)

This Friday on “The State of Kentucky”

Charles Booker – Looking back, looking ahead

State Rep. Charles Booker ran a strong campaign against Amy McGrath for the Democratic Senate nomination, and almost won, closing strong in the final weeks. Now that the campaign is over, what’s next for this rising star? We talk with Rep. Booker about the campaign, about “From the Hood to the Holler,” the organization he has formed, and if he’s going to run for office again. Join us Friday at noon on Facebook or YouTube to watch the live broadcast, or check out the recording later on our website.

Recent Content on Forward Kentucky

[new] indicates item not in a Forward Five before

[new] Eviction Relief Fund website available for Kentuckians – Gov. Andy Beshear announced on Tuesday the launch of the “Healthy at Home Eviction Relief Fund” website, where Kentuckians can visit and apply for assistance. (News)

[new] League of Women Voters forms new chapter in Northern Kentucky – The Northern Kentucky league is finalizing its organization under the leadership of Becky Smith Jones of Fort Wright and Jane Page-Steiner of Covington. (News)

[new] McGrath releases rural policy plan during stop in eastern Kentucky – Senate candidate Amy McGrath rolled out her “Partnering with Rural Kentucky” legislative platform today in Martin County. (News)

[new] I created my own enemies list – After I learned there was an “enemies list” circulating in our nation’s capitol, targeting speakers of truth and patriots demanding justice, I decided to create my own enemies list. (Commentary)

The Gaslighter-in-Chief and the damage to our democracy – We have a president who continually uses gaslighting to manipulate us. This has made it impossible for us to agree on the facts, much less what to do. In short, Trump’s gaslighting could lead to the fall of our democracy. (Commentary)

The labor-busting law firms and consultants that keep Google, Amazon, and other workplaces union-free – American companies have been very successful at preventing their workers from organizing. A handful of little-known law and consulting firms do much of the dirty work that keeps companies union-free. (News)

“Dumbkirk” — Pro-Trump boat parade ignores safety rules, sinks four of their own boats – Pro-Trump boaters staged a mighty boat parade in the confines of Lake Travis, Texas. It became less triumphant when the wakes of several hundred boats combined to sink at least four of the pro-Trump vessels. (Commentary)

Say no more, Mr. President. Say no more. – We never want to hear any more – not another word – from this president about our military members and their service. Say no more, Mr. President; you have said more than enough. (Commentary)

‘An injury to one is the concern of all’ – Every Labor Day I dust off my framed copy of The Toiler, an all-but-forgotten newspaper published by the Knights of Labor, who stressed that workers should unite as members of the working class. (Commentary)

No worse enemy – An editorial by Mike Broihier, former Senate candidate and retired Marine, on President Trump’s recent comments. (Commentary)

Cara Stewart on “The State of Kentucky” – What’s it like to work for a social justice organization? Is the advocacy world different from the corporate world? And what was it like to work in the lege? We interview Cara Stewart about all these questions, and more. (Media)

Fact check — Trump ads claiming Biden wants to “Defund the Police” are misleading – A video advertisement on Facebook misrepresents Joe Biden’s platform for criminal justice reform, claiming that he wants to defund the police. (News)

Exclusive — What really happened on the “plane full of anarchists” – You’ve heard about the “plane full of antifa thugs all in black” that President Trump said were on their way to DC? Here’s what REALLY happened. (Commentary)

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