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Hello fellow Mainers, 
We’re 56 days from November 3 and election news is coming at us so fast, it feels impossible to keep up. To help you stay focused, we’ve redesigned our email newsletter, including quick 5-minute actions and reads, brief overviews of key legislative races, a spotlight on Sen. Susan Collins’ partisan record, and more.

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P.S. If you haven’t already requested your absentee ballot, you can do that online or by calling your town clerk. You can also request one for an immediate family member!


Make a Voting Plan. With November right around the corner, drafting a voting plan is critical to ensure your vote counts! You can find all kinds of important information about voting day in SUM’s Maine election guide, Maine Votes 2020. The guide offers resources on voter registration, the different ways to vote in Maine, and information specifically for new voters and college voters. Find it HERE.

Everyone Counts: Complete your 2020 Census! The Trump administration is deploying every possible trick to derail the 2020 Census, which would disproportionately disenfranchise minority communities. This critical count of the US population determines congressional representation, legislative districts, and vital federal funding for states. You can complete yours online or by phone. Find more info on our C2A HERE. 


Susan Collins’ role in the USPS Crisis. In 2005, Collins introduced the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act (PAEA), which required the USPS to pre-pay retiree health benefits for the next 75 years, placing a hefty financial burden that applies to no other public or private entity. This is a large reason for the USPS’ current $120 billion in debt. As Trump continues to attack the agency, Maine letter carriers provided an update in the Maine Beacon in late August highlighting their concerns. Learn more about the USPS crisis in our C2A HERE. Read more about Collins’ record on this and other topics in the Case Against Susan Collins HERE. 


Maine’s entire Legislature is up for re-election Nov. 3, and a number of key races for the House and Senate have caught our eye. Here are a few candidates you should know about, and ways to volunteer for their campaigns.

Chloe Maxmin
Senate District 13

A Clean Elections candidate, Nobleboro-native Chloe Maxmin has served House District 88 in Lincoln County since 2018, pushing for legislation on workforce development, green energy, and expanding rural transportation options. Maxmin is running to unseat Republican Senate minority leader Dana Dow, who has voted against reproductive rights and Medicaid expansion and recently led his caucus in refusing to attend a special session to finish the work the Legislature began in January. Maxmin has collected all of her Clean Elections contributions, but you can sign up to volunteer with her campaign on her Facebook page and website.
Lydia Crafts
House District 90

Newcastle resident Lydia Crafts brings a social worker’s perspective to her campaign, focusing on the three Es: Economy, Education, and the Environment. Crafts, a native of Belfast and Clean Elections candidate, won a three-way primary race in July to represent District 90 in Lincoln County. She is running against Merle Parise (R) for the seat that was held by Michael Devin (D), who has termed out. Crafts still needs $5 Clean Elections contributions from registered voters in her district, and you can make yours HERE. Learn more about her platform and sign up to volunteer on her website and her Facebook page.


  • Trump called fallen soldiers ‘losers’ and ‘suckers.’ An article published last week in The Atlantic clearly spells out Donald Trump’s disdain for active service members and veterans, noting his history of disparaging comments about those who serve. Trump has denied the story, but it was confirmed by multiple news outlets, including Fox News. Read it HERE
  • DNI refuses in-person security briefings to Congress. Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe announced recently that his office will no longer deliver in-person election security briefings to Congress. While Sen. Susan Collins has made no comment, Sen. Angus King is calling for an explanation, saying it “looks like a pre-cover-up.” Read the article in The Hill HERE and read King’s statement HERE

On our website you’ll also find:

  • Maine Votes 2020: Everything you need to vote November 3, including actions, volunteer opportunities, and links to voter forms. 
  • Letter to the Editor Guide: Tips on writing LTEs and a list of Maine newspapers that accept them. 
  • Top Events: A list of upcoming progressive events across the state.
  • Guides & Explainers: Resources on complex topics.
  • Civic Dashboard: Contact info for your elected officials, tutorials on the legislative process, and more.


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