Indivisible St Johns Newsletter September 6, 2020

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Indivisible St Johns

MISSION STATEMENT: To build and sustain an inclusive proactive community that will protect our environment, our freedoms and our basic human and civil rights. We are committed to an indivisible St. Johns County with liberty and justice for all.

WEEK OF SEPT 6, 2020

Fascism expert Timothy Snyder returns to #StrangeDaysPodcast, offering urgent advice on how to best resist if Trump refuses to leave + MSNBC reporter and #Separated author Jacob Soboroff exposes how our government horrifically caged migrant children.

Snyder states that Trump has said that regardless of whether he has lost the election, he plans to stay in office. We know he will try to spoil the election. People must be ready to protest.  Listen to this podcast. The first 30 min. is with Timothy Snyder.

Click here for postcard/ E-mail/telephone advocacy Topics and Talking Points.

St. Johns Democratic Party

St. Johns Democratic Party

St Johns County Democratic Headquarters has a good stock of Biden signs, bumper stickers, hats, shirts–be sure to pick some up! 71 South Dixie Highway, Suite 6
Check their website  for hours!

Sign Up!

I hope you will be as excited as I am about a virtual event we’re putting together for members and volunteers of ALL 13 regional Blue Wave Coalitions, hosted by BWC of St. Johns County! I think it will be very inspiring for volunteers to hear about what Blue Wavers are doing in other parts of the state. As you know, we have coalitions in Miami-Dade, Lee, Sarasota, Manatee, Palm Beach, Alachua, Volusia, Orange, Brevard, Charlotte, Broward, and Duval! Each of the leaders will invite their members and will spend 2 minutes describing what they’re doing to help us WIN Florida.

To make it even more motivating, I’ve invited a surrogate from the Biden-Harris campaign to speak! The director of the campaign’s NE Florida region has already agreed to appear, and he is also looking into getting someone with an even higher profile as well. After the surrogate speaks, we’ll highlight the array of volunteer opportunities, resources, and tools to get EVERYONE engaged in getting out the vote.

The bigger the crowd we can assemble, the more likely it is we’ll get someone with strong name recognition and the more impact we’ll have. So I’m asking each of you to do all you can to promote the event to your memberships – via social media, email newsletters, texting etc. We want to get at least 500 participants!

Time is short — the event is scheduled for just 9 days from now, so we’ll need to start pushing it out there immediately. It’s on Sunday evening Sept. 13th at 7 PM via Zoom. Here is the link where people need to sign up (and don’t forget to sign yourselves up too!):

Thanks everyone!
Robin Dion

Webinar banner

Live with Timothy Snyder and Jason Stanley: Our Malady

Renowned scholars Timothy Snyder and Jason Stanley will discuss Snyder’s new work, Our Malady: Lessons in Liberty from a Hospital Diary.

Webinar registration for Snyder and Stanley. Important. We know there’s gonna be chaos. We need to prepare. Register HERE  for September 14, 6 pm

Hi there! We wanted to share with you in a follow up email the presentation and video link to the powerful presentation we had on Wednesday with Dr. Dale Anderson as he discussed  Voter Suppression and Democracy Degradation. Dr. Anderson was amazing and he is kind enough to share this with us in hopes that we share his message with people we know.You’re invited to join us for another amazing presentation we have coming up:
The MAGA Supreme Court – an Attack on DemocracySaturday, September 26, 2020•10:30 AM • EasternSign-up link: you want to connect with a group in your area, please visit our Indivisible Florida Network page.
Warmest regards,Laurie Woodward GarcíaBroward for Progress co-leaderQuestions? Call or text (530) 413-7773 

Also, we are continuing to push Florida’s Supervisors of Elections to make digital copies of all paper ballots.  St Johns County is not a county that has been ordered to save digital copies.  Although to date there have not been ballot problems in St Johns County, in a tight election it could prove to be important.  Therefore, we need to press Vicky Oakes, our SOE, to save digital ballots.  Here is a link to the latest news update on the issue. 
8 counties which represent 60% of voters agreed to save the ballot images for the presidential race.  However, there are still 28 counties (including SJC) refusing to save all ballot images.  Please take action and sign our letter campaign and then sign our petition on this issue.  (from Broward for Progress)

What Really Happened on the
“Plane Full of Anarchists”

THIS is our Demcast rep Jamie who attended the 2020 March on Washington and frightened the bejeezus out of Congressman Devin Nunez with her mooing!

Please email the board members and superintendent and tell them the situation in schools is unsafe and unsustainable.

Their addresses are:

Every day a new adventure!

As always, we love to hear from you! Drop us a line that you are safe and healthy. Let us know if you need anything!

Nana Royer, Editor


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MISSION STATEMENT: To build and sustain an inclusive proactive community that will protect our environment, our freedoms and our basic human and civil rights. We are committed to an indivisible St. Johns County with liberty and justice for all.

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