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Elections Matter: Dr. Dale Anderson Discusses Voting and What’s at Stake

Wednesday, August 26, 2020• 7:00 PM • Eastern Daylight Time 

Florida Indivisibles and other Resistance Groups will have the opportunity to hear from Dr. Dale Anderson on Voter Suppression and Democracy Degradation.  Join us to hear from Dr. Anderson as he discusses voting in Florida and what’s at stake.

The presentation covers
1. The Stakes of our 2020 Election
2. GOP’s Voter Suppression Strategy
3. H.R.1’s powerful support for Democracy
4. Creating a Democratic “Landslide”

Sign up at the button below to receive a link to the presentation

Presented by Indivisible Florida Network


Join The LWV Immigration Conversation on Aug 24th!

Monday, August 24, 2020
6:30 PM to 7:45 PM EDT

On August 24 at 6:30, the Immigration Committee of the League of Women Voters will hold the next one of our series of programs about timely immigration issues. This virtual program will focus on the current status of Dreamers/DACA individuals who were brought to this country as children and also the current status of the naturalization/citizenship process.

Between steps the Administration has taken to slow the process down and the impact of COVID-19, hundreds of thousands of legal permanent residents who hoped to vote this November may not get sworn in as citizens in time to register to vote. I hope you’ll be able to join us on August 24 to become informed about these two important issues. Robin Warren of the LWF be leading the discussion about naturalization and hopes to see some friendly faces!

Register to receive virtual meeting link:

Be a Legal Observer!

In Pinellas County and other Counties, people are marching for Social Justice and against police brutality and misconduct. People are planning to vote.

Want to join in the fight for Social Justice? Now?

You can by being a legal observer. A legal observer is someone who watches, listens and documents any suspicious activity they see during a March/Gathering/Protest. They report it to their Team Captain in the event something untoward happens to one of the Protestors/Marchers.

Like getting arrested. Like being the victim of police over-stepping their bounds.

Legal Observers attend demonstrations at the request of the Organizers. Observers are there to watch and document. They may be called upon to tell the public and the Courts what they witnessed and share what they saw. Sometimes this witnessing helps people arrested without cause.

At the latest training session, 8.13. 20, people from Pinellas and Pasco Counties gathered on Zoom to hear James Shaw, Tampa attorney, talk about Community Based Legal Observer Training. Not minimizing the potential danger from Police and weapons such as tear gas of many types that are often used, Shaw calmly and methodically went through the definition of a Legal Observer, the dangers that could be faced, how to act in general and with the Police.

The program was held by ACLU Pinellas County. Although the ACLU is temporarily not supporting Legal Observer training due to Covid19, around the country groups are responding to the growing need for such assistance.

We all need more Legal Observers. The training, from a Tampa attorney who has trained hundreds of people over the years, only takes one hour.  It is valuable for those who want to be observers or demonstrators and those who want to learn more.

If you want to be included, please contact Llani O’Connor, ACLU. or 312.952.9379. Please leave your name, email & phone we know how many are coming.

The training will be held on Zoom, September 9, 2020; Meeting ID is  845 4609 6892 Please come and tell your family, friends, colleagues and others in your sphere of influence.

This is one way you can help protect free speech, act for social justice and call attention to police brutality.

Check your voter status, sign up for mail ballots!

You can check your voter status, change your address, and sign up for vote-by-mail ballots at

Write Postcards To Voters!

We’re going to be pushing hard right up until the November election. There’s still plenty of time to get involved. 

We’d love for you to join us. If you want to learn more about campaign please go to our website via this link:

Pinellas County Postcard Project –

This is the most important election of our lives. Help us turn Pinellas County the brightest shade of BLUE ever!

The SOE Is Hiring: Be An Election Worker

This year in particular, democracy needs all the help it can get. The Supervisor Of Elections is hiring poll workers and it’s a near certainty they are going to be short handed come November 3rd no matter how successful Indivisible FL-13’s (and others’) Vote By Mail efforts are.

More information at

Weekly Defeat 45 Demonstration

Defeat 45 has been holding weekly demonstrations every Saturday at various locations in Pinellas County. For information on this week’s Defeat. 45 location check out their Facebook page at:


Last week I wrote that it was too late to drop of mail-in ballots and voters that hadn’t dropped off theirs already would not be able to on election day. This was incorrect as voters could have still dropped off their mail-in ballots in person until 7pm on Tuesday.

I double checked by calling the SOE Office as I was a bit confused by the wording on their web site and was given incorrect information. Or perhaps I asked the question badly. In any case I apologize for the error.

Indivisible FL-13 Contact Information:

Indivisible FL-13 is a member of the Indivisible Florida Network and the Pinellas Coalition For Immigration Justice.

👉Indivisible Florida Network

👉Pinellas Coalition For Immigration Justice Website

👉Indivisible FL-13 Website

👉Email Indivisible FL-13 at

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Pinellas County Progressive Calendar

Resist Bot, fax your representatives via text message. Text RESIST to 50409

Fax your congressperson for free at

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Register to vote, vote by mail!

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