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Hi everyone. It’s Monday, and the beginning of a week of the Republican National Convention (RNC), which we are asking everyone to ignore. Completely.

Meanwhile, you’ve all been awesome burrs under the saddle of the GOP’s trojan horse of privatization, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy. Keep it up, and especially target the Board of Governors, who didn’t think they signed up for this.

Oh, and if you get something late, and/or in poor condition, don’t forget to send a message to both the Postal Service’s Inspector General, and to Sen. Ron Johnson, who thinks y’all are liars.

Why fight this hard? The post office is the home of hard-won organized labor. It’s also the largest employer of veterans and has remained one of the largest employers of minorities, providing them with stable salaries and good benefits during times when those weren’t easily found. It’s mission is to serve everyone equally, quickly and reliably. For that, it’s worth fighting for. But since the GOP wants to use the USPS, a symbol of American unity, to destroy faith in our elections, we will fight even harder.

We’ve got a daily post we’re adding on to as we follow the corrupt path of DeJoy through his hearings here.

We’re keeping our phone call scripts and who to write to up-to-date here.

And for those who are interested in the unholy alliance of the GOP and the Koch brothers, and their decades long crusade to destroy our postal service for their profit, we have a post for that too.

Meanwhile, there’s a protest rally outside the Simi Valley City Hall before the city council meeting at 5:00 from Rise Simi Valley.Too much to do to pay attention to the Trump family reunion.

Indivisible Ventura

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