August 20 Newsletter: Miami-Dade Democrats Should Be Proud

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Dear Friends –

On Tuesday, Miami-Dade Democrats showed that we are motivated, and our efforts to increase Vote-By-Mail sign-ups paid off.

The Miami-Dade Democratic Party ran an unprecedented voter outreach campaign, with direct voter contacts of nearly 200,000 voters alongside an aggressive digital campaign.

The Miami-Dade Democratic Party spent nearly half a million dollars in 2020 and contributed countless volunteer hours to increase the number of Democrats signed up for Vote-by-Mail and to get out the vote for the August Primary, especially targeting unlikely voters.

Democratic voter turnout during the August 18 primary increased by nearly 70% from the August 2016 primary. And Democrats, who are usually outvoted by Republicans in Vote-By-Mail by 2 to 1, turned that around and we outvoted Republicans by 63%. Going into November, it’s important to request a mail ballot early, mail it in early, or drop it off at one of the secure drop boxes outside Early Voting Sites.

And Democratic candidates did well on Tuesday. In the mayoral race, we congratulated Commissioner Daniella Levine Cava for advancing to the November runoff and taking one step closer to breaking the highest glass ceiling in Miami-Dade Government. Several of our endorsed candidates for the County Commission and the School Board advanced to the November runoff, and we congratulate all of them.

And now it’s on to November, and to elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris president and vice president and to elect Democrats up and down the ticket in Miami-Dade.

Last night, Senator Kamala Harris accepted her nomination as our Vice Presidential candidate. Tonight, Vice President Joe Biden will accept our party’s nomination to be our candidate for president. Click here for how to watch.

Ways to Get Involved:

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In the News:

Miami-Dade Democrats Congratulate Rep. Shevrin Jones on Winning the Democratic Nomination to Florida Senate District 35

Miami-Dade Democrats Congratulate Rep. Javier Fernandez on Winning the Democratic Nomination to Florida Senate District 39

Miami-Dade Democrats Congratulate Daniella Levine Cava for Advancing to the November Runoff

Miami-Dade Democrats Congratulate Commissioner Eileen Higgins on Her First-Place Showing

Miami-Dade Democrats Congratulate Cindy Lerner on Her First-Place Showing

Miami-Dade Democrats Congratulate Lucia Baez-Geller for her First Place Finish

Miami-Dade Democrats Congratulate Dr. Mara Zapata on Advancing to the November Runoff

Statement on Reports of Human Rights Violations at Krome Detention Center

Become a Sustaining Donor

I can’t thank all of our sustaining donors enough for stepping up and pitching in a small amount each month. These sustaining donations allow us to plan the programs that will drive up voter turnout across our county. We couldn’t run our field program or our digital program without your support. 

Can you become a sustaining donor of $7$10, or $20.20 today?

We know this is a tough time for many of us right now, so please know we appreciate you staying involved in any way that you can. Thank you for all you do.


Christopher Richmond
Executive Director

Miami-Dade Democratic Party

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