Sign on TODAY to urge Congress to restore the Voting Rights Act

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Friends– The importance of the Voting Rights Act has been proven again and again.

For generations, this law was the last line of defense for tens of millions of voters against extreme, racially discriminatory voting laws. As recently as this decade, courts have used the VRA to strike down Republican-passed bills that directly targeted voters of color, often with “surgical precision.”

But in 2013, the Supreme Court’s five conservatives struck down key parts of the VRA. This allowed Republicans to advance their plans for extreme voter suppression and rampant, discriminatory gerrymandering – all to keep themselves in power, no matter what the voters try to decide.

All this is why NOW is the time to finally restore the Voting Rights Act. For too long, Republicans have enjoyed a free hand to attack our right to vote. Restoring the Voting Rights Act would throw a wrench in their plans – permanently.

This is crucial: One of the most critical elections of our time is on the line – sign on TODAY to urge Congress to restore the Voting Rights Act >>


In the midst of a global health crisis, state Democrats have been working tirelessly to ensure that everyone can exercise their right to vote, safely and securely.

On the other hand, Republicans have needlessly attacked vote-by-mail, and they’ve closed polling locations in highly populated areas throughout the country.

Restoring the Voting Rights Act could be a first step in curbing rampant voter suppression. We must come together and demand that the Voting Rights Act is fully restored so that everyone can confidently cast their ballot.

There’s no time to waste: Join tens of thousands of Americans who’re demanding that the Voting Rights Act be restored >>



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