Add your name: Demand Trump and Republicans fully fund the USPS

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Friends– For months, the US Postal Service has warned that it’s in grave financial danger, and this latest news just proves it.

Late Friday night, Louis DeJoy – a prolific Trump donor who now heads the USPS – initiated a major shakeup that the Washington Post says “centralized power around DeJoy.” And now, the Associated Press reports that plans are being drawn up to begin “closing post offices across the country” ahead of the fall elections.

The USPS deserves to be fully-funded – NOT sabotaged and forced to close its doors before the November elections. If you agree, we need you to sign on:

Add your name now to DEMAND Trump and Republicans halt their attacks and fully fund the people’s postal service immediately >>

This is dangerous territory: Not only could these moves force people to face greater delays to get medicine or groceries, but an underfunded USPS could throw the entire election in jeopardy.

A fully-funded USPS isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity. Millions of Americans vote by mail in every election, with the numbers expected to skyrocket this fall.

But with this latest move, it’s crystal clear that Trump and DeJoy are deliberately sabotaging vote-by-mail. We MUST stand up to these Republican attacks before it’s too late.

Please sign on to demand Trump stop attacks on the USPS and fully fund post offices across America now >>




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