Voting During a Pandemic

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I wanted to make sure you saw this, team — as Donald Trump conspires to defund the USPS and spreads conspiracy theories about voting by mail, we’re taking the fight for voting rights to court.

Ohio Democrats believe that voters should never have to choose between safety and participating in democracy, so we’re fighting like hell to make it easier to vote by mail this year.

Every dollar you chip in now to our Early Vote Protection Project will make an enormous difference this fall — will you pledge $7 today?

Here’s why: the most recent primary election proved that Ohio’s current vote-by-mail process — where voters must first mail in an application to request an absentee ballot — is not enough. It’s not going to cut it.

You see, the current process requires voters to first send an absentee ballot request through snail mail, then wait for their ballot to arrive in the mail, then mail the ballot back. If that sounds like a whole lot of waiting to you, you’re right — there were sadly quite a few primary voters who did not get their absentee ballots in time to return them, or whose ballots never arrived at all.

In the midst of a pandemic, we have an obligation to do everything in our power to ensure that voting by mail is convenient and safe — so we just filed a lawsuit to require county boards of elections to accept absentee ballot applications electronically. Not only would this lessen the burden on voters, it would also alleviate some of the pressure on the postal service.

This lawsuit is just the beginning, team — we’re launching a full campaign to help Ohioans vote by mail this fall. Chip in now to support our Early Vote Protection Project.


This election could very well come down to our success in standing up to Donald Trump’s outrageous and non-stop attacks on voting rights and vote by mail — so let’s put up a hell of a fight.



David Pepper
Ohio Democratic Party

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