“It’s all over” if we flip this state from red to blue

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Friends – We just received a stark warning in a key battleground state – and this time, it’s from an unlikely GOP source.

In a message to the state GOP convention, Texas Senator Ted Cruz sounded the alarm over an impending blue wave reclaiming Texas, saying that “if the Democrats win Texas, it’s all over.”

For the first time ever, Ted Cruz is right: Republicans have held a stranglehold on Texas ever since they gerrymandered its districts their way. This year, Democrats have a real opportunity to overcome that and flip the state blue – and we have the gameplan to make it happen.

When Ted Cruz nearly lost his own seat to a blue wave two years ago, Beto O’Rourke won nine districts currently held by a Republican. If Democrats flip nine GOP-held seats in the state House this year, we will flip Texas blue for the first time in TWO DECADES.

Ted Cruz was crystal clear in his warning to Republicans: “If we lose Texas… all the ground that we gained in the last four years can be lost.”

We cannot wait to get started turning Cruz’ nightmare warning into a reality.

For decades, Texas Republicans have been able to engage in blatantly partisan power grabs without oversight. They’ve blocked access to the ballot box and dismantled voting rights. They’ve gerrymandered districts without Democratic input. And they’ve done it all to block progress working families desperately needed.

This is our chance to change all that – but with a late GOP push from Ted Cruz and other right-wing conservatives, our Democratic challengers need all the help they can get.

Chip in to help send a blue wave from America’s statehouses straight to Donald Trump’s doorstep >>



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