Another GOP Power Grab Seeks to Overturn a Major Democratic Victory

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Friends – Republican schemes to remove Democratic governors are taking shape all over the country.

It all started off with a Trump-fuelled recall effort against Gov. Gretchen Whitmer in Michigan – where right-wing Trump supporters are preparing to collect signatures soon.

Then in Oregon, the state’s Republican Party began working hand-in-hand with a group linked to far-right militia groups and QAnon conspiracy theorists to recall their Democratic governor, too.

Now, a top Republican lawmaker in Pennsylvania is trying to force Democratic Governor Tom Wolf to resign or face impeachment – and he’s already got more than two-dozen other GOP legislators to back his outrageous power grab.

The GOP is pushing this despicable strategy nationwide – all in a partisan effort to undo some of our party’s biggest gains from 2018 – and Democrats EVERYWHERE need to step up to fight back.

Help stop right-wing power grabs like these by donating TODAY to defeat the GOP state legislators who are fueling them. The will of the voters must be protected at all cost >>

The situation is escalating quickly. GOP legislators have already filed articles of impeachment against Gov. Wolf, and Republicans plan to raise and spend millions of dollars backing their recall efforts in Oregon, Michigan, and other states.

But this is more than just a right-wing power grab. These Republicans simply HATE that Democrats like Gov. Wolf and Gov. Whitmer are taking action to keep their constituents healthy, instead of playing the same partisan political games as Trump and GOP state legislators.

This threat is imminent. Twenty-five legislators have already signed on to impeach Governor Wolf. We CANNOT let Republicans get away with this without a fight.

Chip in to stop Republican power grabs like these once and for all >>



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