Sign Letter: Support $2M San Mateo County Child Care Fund

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This campaign is just one example of how local government is stepping up to try to plug the many holes left in the fabric of our society by the COVID-19 pandemic. The federal government has abdicated responsibility for its citizens, so now it up to us. We the people have the power to change our communities, governments, and leaders. As a resident of San Mateo County, I signed the petition and now I’m thinking about what more I can do.

–Rena Korb

Dear Honorable President Slocum and County Board Supervisors,

As a leader in the City of San Mateo, I joined child care experts and advocates along with over 35 council colleagues and school board trustees to highlight the severity of the child care crisis and offer suggestions for emergency relief and support (June 17 Letter to the Board of Supervisors).

COVID-19 continues to reveal and exacerbate systemic challenges facing working families and the fragility of early childhood education infrastructure. I commend the County’s collaborative approach and leadership to address this crisis and your recognition that child care is essential to our recovery.

On behalf of myself and the following San Mateo residents, I ask for your vote to support the formation of a $2M Child Care Relief Fund, which would support child care programs that serve roughly 1,500 of our county’s most at-risk children. While grants cannot address the underlying structural or funding issues that plague this industry, it is a unique moment to invest in child care, an infrastructure that is foundational to our long-term economic recovery and that builds equity and opportunity in our community.

I appreciate your support during this unprecedented crisis. Your strong leadership in the child care crisis will affect thousands of working families, minority businesses, and children. I look forward to supporting your continued attention to this critical issue.


Amourence Lee

San Mateo City Councilwoman

If you are a resident of San Mateo County, please sign the petition!

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Amourence Lee is a Councilwoman for the City of San Mateo where she works every day to build a better future for all her constituents. She represents a new generation of leadership that is based on a track record of meaningful community service, and the values of transparency, inclusivity, and progressivism. Her upcoming council race will be 100% grassroots.

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