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Postcards by Zoom with sther Peters, Betsy Rubin, Doug Bishop, Cara Adler, Sarah Lincoln, Deb Pratt, Kineret Jaffe, Pam Northrop, Vicky Long, Teri Watkins.

IC-SS Weekly Update: July 20, 2020

This Week: Postcard Party on Wednesday

Zoom with us: Want some company while you work on your postcards? Chat, share resources, and learn about more ways to act. Join us online this Wednesday, July 22 from7:30-9:00 pm. RSVP by email to get the Zoom link.

Esther, Betsy, Doug, Cara, Sarah, Deb, Kineret, Pam, Vicky, Teri
were among 15 attending our most recent Zoom. Join us on the 22nd!

No Lie. It’s Serious.

In the week of July 13-17, we learned Trump is trying to cover up the extent of the pandemic and undermine Anthony Fauci at a time of sharply rising infection. We read alarming reports about federal agents in unmarked vans detaining Portland protesters. And the federal government executed 3 people Рas many in a single week as in the previous 57 years.

If you feel the dangers to our democracy have escalated precipitously, you’re not alone.¬†Together, let’s expand our efforts to remove Trump from the White House and all his supporters from Congress.

Join Us As We Step Up

If you’re¬†writing postcards and letters¬†to voters in swing states, keep at it – paper mail is a proven way to increase voter turnout. We increasingly need to add in methods that organizers say have even greater impact:¬†phonebanking¬†and/or¬†textbanking.

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Some of us IC-South Siders are already phonebanking with citywide Indivisible Chicago Alliance (ICA) on the 3 States/1 Mission initiative, which focuses on Michigan, Wisconsin, and key districts in Illinois. Won’t you join us from your home?

ICA’s experienced and patient leaders email you all the materials you need to phone voters from home, and, via Zoom, they orient you at the beginning of each phone session. ICA also offers interactive online trainings for new phonebankers and textbankers.

To sign up for phonebank training, textbank training, phonebanking, and textbanking, visit the 3 States/1 Mission page.

Interested, but want more info before you sign up?Email us¬†and we’ll connect you with a friendly IC-South Side member who can answer your questions and give an overview.

Vote Safely – Vote By Mail

Chicagoans, have you seen the hashtag #VirusFreeVoting? To get the voter turnout we need to win elections up and down the ticket (and to keep people safe), we need to increase voting by mail.

Start with YOU:

  • First, check: are you registered to vote? Check your Illinois registration here.
  • If you live in Illinois, but you aren’t on the voter roster, register to vote at the Illinois Board of Elections.
  • If you’re a registered voter in the city of Chicago, apply here to vote by mail. Deadline to apply: Oct 29. (But we recommend you apply now!)

Then encourage your friends and family to register to vote and apply to vote by mail.

Chicago Vote-by-Mail FAQs

I live in suburban Cook County, not in the city.

  • Get vote-by-mail information for suburban Cook County here.

Mail delivery has been so unreliable. I don’t trust my ballot to the mail.

  • Good news! We Chicagoans can submit our ballot directly at a drop box in early voting locations or the Chicago Board of Elections, 69 W. Washington, Sixth Floor. See info at this page.

But I like voting in person!

  • With the pandemic, we can’t predict how safe we’ll feel standing in line to vote on November 3 (or at early voting sites). Many people who usually like to vote in person may feel otherwise in the fall.
  • If you apply for and receive a vote-by-mail ballot, you can change your mind and still vote in person (as long as you haven’t already sent in or delivered your ballot). See info for Chicago voters here.

I wish someone would just explain Chicago vote-by-mail to me.

  • Watch this Chicago Board of Election’s 3-minute¬†video.

Video: Ending Gun Violence

Do you want to understand the causes of gun violence in Chicago and support solutions? BWOP recently hosted an online discussion moderated by Raquel McGee, with guest speakers Tio Hardiman of Violence Interrupters and Robert Emmons, Jr. of Our Everyday.

Last week, you read¬†our summary¬†of BWOP’s important July 6 discussion on gun violence.¬†Now you can watch¬†BWOP’s 70-minute video¬†on gun violence in Chicago: causes and solutions.

Robert Emmons, Jr.¬†speaks at BWOP’s July 6th Sip & Study

SIGN UP for ICA’s Postcard Posse¬†

As part of¬†Indivisible Chicago Alliance‘s 3 States/1 Mission project, IC-South Side is participating in the citywide¬†Postcard Posse, writing postcards to voters in swing states. What to do for postcards:

  1. ORDER POSTCARDS. Fill in the form at the Postcard Posse order page. Ask for 100 or more (in increments of 100) and select HYDE PARK as your pickup/delivery point.
  2. REGISTER. Register at the Postcard Posse registration page. Sign up to write on your own, or choose one of our two teams (by zip code): South Side Scribes, Local 15 or 37.
  3. IF YOU CAN, BUY STAMPS.¬†Youaren’t required to stamp your own postcards, but¬†if¬†you can afford to, you can order online: Here’s a¬†link to postcard stamps¬†at USPS.com.

Contact us at Indivisible Chicago-South Side

Indivisible Chicago-South Side

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