Indivisible St Johns Newsletter July 19, 2020

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MISSION STATEMENT: To build and sustain an inclusive proactive community that will protect our environment, our freedoms and our basic human and civil rights. We are committed to an indivisible St. Johns County with liberty and justice for all.


WEEK OF JULY 19, 2020 



Starting Monday, July 20, 2020, we are calling, emailing and writing our individual Supervisors of Elections to request they SAVE all ballot images created by tabulators at the polls. Redundancy is important. The request involves a simple choice on the tabulator of SAVE ALL, SAVE WRITE INS or NONE. Your vote is counted from this record as it is made. Please see the letter below that was sent from all Indivisible groups in the FL Indivisiible Network to our Secretary of State Laurel Lee and the Director of Election Management, Maria Matthews.
There is a lawsuit pending naming them and 8 counties. There are OVER 11 MILLION FLORIDA VOTERS whose images are NOT being saved. See list HERE. Lawyers filing this suit have the backing of various elected officials and outside organizations. The main litigant, Mr Stautter, worked on the 2000 debacle here in Florida. These people have worked on election security for decades.

Your supervisor may tell you they keep the paper ballots and that images are not required by law. This lawsuit challenges the definition of ballot as the counted image of your original intent. Aside from providing a back up in case of “lost” ballots, this redundancy is especially critical in an election sure to be fraught with difficulties. As always, we Indivisibles are informed and respectful. You can learn about the issue in our letter below. You may find your Supervisor’s contact information on the list above. See our letter HERE:

There have been questions about the upcoming August Primary.  There are few positions Dems can vote on in this primary.  Joan Anthony is the only recommended candidate by the Blue Wave Coalition.  The other judges are all Republicans and no guidance is given about them.   Click HERE for the link to the Blue Wave candidates.You can be voting right now with your mail-in ballot.

Here’s info on the Democratic candidates in the Primary and the General Election, if you’re seeking some guidance on making your choices.



Port Waterway and Beach–Group 2

Learn more about Jane HERE

A Note About COVID 19

In light of COVID-19, Vote Forward encourages our community to prioritize taking care of yourselves, loved ones, and neighbors.  Your health is our top priority.  If you’d also like to help people vote safely, writing letters now is a simple, effective way to volunteer form the comfort and safety of your home.

We also recognize the uncertainty surrounding the election process right now, including how people will vote this year.  One thing is certain though:  it’s critical that they do so.  Whatever method Americans use to safely vote this year, receiving a handwritten Vote Forward letter will make them more likely to cast a ballot.  You can find detailed answers to common questions about our response to the pandemic on our COVID-19 FAQ page.   Adopt voters HERE.

Join in the Postcard Advocacy Group and let your voice be heard by those who need to hear it!     You can pick up postcards (free) at Grocer’s Alliance on A1A, east of Bridge of Lions.

When you learn about your government, it’s easier to hold it accountable & empower others! Join Rep. Anna Eskamani on July 28, 5:30 pm for a virtual workshop where we unpack the state legislature & discuss how you can make an impact from wherever you are. RSVP HERE!

Florida Legislature 101 with Rep.  Eskamani

Email from Indivisible

From July 27th through September 20th, all of the funds your group raises through the distributed fundraising program will be matched, dollar for dollar, up to a maximum of $350 per group! DONATE HERE!

Lest we forget . . .

With the need for severe budget cuts,  it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the state needs to spend its precious tax dollars on critical state needs (education, public health, the unemployed, housing — the list goes on and on) and should immediately stop wasting money on M-CORES.

See one article here.

What can we  do?  We can lobby the task force members (and here) directly.  We can write letters to the editor.  WE CAN LET OUR VOICES BE HEARD!

In light of COVID-19,

As always, we love to hear from you! Drop us a line that you are safe and healthy. Let us know if you need anything! EMAIL US:

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MISSION STATEMENT: To build and sustain an inclusive proactive community that will protect our environment, our freedoms and our basic human and civil rights. We are committed to an indivisible St. Johns County with liberty and justice for all.

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