A Major Opportunity to Challenge Lindsey Graham

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Friends – Lindsey Graham’s in trouble, and he knows it.

His poll numbers are sinking. His Democratic challenger just out-raised him by millions of dollars. This could be the toughest re-election fight he’s ever faced – and we have a chance to make it even worse for him.

The last contested special election in the country is about to happen right in Lindsey Graham’s backyard, for a seat in the South Carolina House.

If Democrats show up in strong numbers and flip seats like this, it will prove to the entire country that Graham is beatable – and so are Trump’s other top allies.

As a top supporter of Trump’s, Lindsey Graham has done everything he can to keep Trump in office. Before the impeachment proceedings, Graham told CNN that he’s “not trying to be a fair juror here” – and then voted to acquit Trump without hearing a single witness.

Now, Graham is facing his toughest re-election yet. And although it will be difficult to unseat him, Democrats can win – and this upcoming special election could prove it.

We have to move fast: Rush a $10 donation right now to support state Democrats everywhere and prove that Lindsey Graham, Donald Trump, and all their top enablers are about to be held accountable at the ballot box >>



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