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July 20 Environmental Discussion with Donna Deegan and the Sierra Club: 7:00 to 8:00.  Facebook event

July 22 IJR Texting Training:  1:00  Zoom Virtual Meeting.  Request Zoom key at

July 25 IJR General Meeting:  12:30-2:00 Zoom Virtual Meeting  Request Zoom key at

Meet the Candidates

July 25, 12:30 pm

Please join Indivisible Jax Riverside to meet three new Westside candidates running to flip the State House of Representatives blue: Angie Nixon for SHD14 along with Jay McGovern and Tammyette Thomas competing for SHD 15.  The candidates will join us Saturday, July 25, beginning at 12:30 pm.  Bring your questions.

Push ‘em Back, Push ‘em Back, Waaay Back

Call and or email the mayor today and ask him to end the clown show that is the RNC party in Jacksonville.  If you need reasons, three are listed below.

  • The mayor does not appear to care about my health or the safety of my family. Hosting such a large event during this pandemic puts our whole community at risk as Covid-19 cases rise in NE Florida.
  • I am concerned about the potential for social unrest and violence from outside protestors with opposing views .People could be hurt and negative media attention could damage our city. Armored vehicles and smoke do not enhance a Chamber of Commerce vision.
  • I am very skeptical that the financial benefit to the city would add up to the amount the mayor is touting .It’s not worth the risk.

Twenty-four of IJR volunteers have already contacted the mayor’s office.  Indivisibles across NE Florida are inundating the mayor with our demands.  You can turn this action into a great wave of protest! 
Write your email, make your phone call now, before you finish this newsletter.

Mayor Lenny Curry: Phone 904-255-5000   Email:

Jacksonville City Council: Click for contact information

 Phone Calls: Growing our Power

Thank you to all the volunteers who are plugging away at getting folks to sign up for Vote by Mail through your phone calls.  This is the most powerful way to get voter engagement.  Telephone calls are second only to talking to people at their doors. 

We have passed the 1000 calls mark.  A special thank you to our new volunteer, John Grant Dooley, who is reaching for call number 175!  John is so determined to get Biden in office that he is also recruiting more volunteers. 

Email to get your next list of voters for calling.  Find a friend who is willing to stretch beyond their safe zone.

Post Cards for Young Registered Voters

Thank you to all who are asking about when you can address your next batch of cards.  They are ready.  Please send a message about choice and I will print your cards for pick up.  The key ideas in this message are: 

  • You have a choice of candidates
  • What’s your plan for voting
  • Will you be a voter?

Sample Letter

Great news!  You have choices
in the August Primary.
Check out the candidates.
Make your plan for voting
and be a voter.

Since January of this year, we have distributed nearly 11,000 postcards.  Since March 18, we have expanded outreach to18 through 31-year-old Democratic voters.  In the campaign, we just completed we also targeted non-party affiliated 18-31-year old voters.  Great work, Folks!

To get set up post carding, email

New Tool to turn Florida Blue: Texting for Vote by Mail

The Blue Wave Coalition of St John’s County has reached out to Indivisibles in Jacksonville and Nassau county to join in a massive texting program in Donna Deegan’s and Angie Nixon’s districts.  We are asking all voters to sign up for Vote by Mail. 

Our next training session is on July 22 at 1:00 pm.

Texting is fun and fast. You do it on your computer.  The program is set up with an anonymous number so your phone number remains private.  Each texter will be trained and then they can text hundreds of voters in minutes. Texters then respond to any questions textees might have.

The goal is 68,000 texts in Donna Deegan’s district as well as blanketing SHD14 for Angie Nixon. 

Contact IJR for the zoom key to this event.

Gifts Keep Us in Postage

Special thank you to all of the generous financial donors to our work.  Donations this month included a $500 gift along with $100 and several additional gifts ranging from $20 through $50.   You can donate at

Wandering Souls

In the last 412 postcards we sent out 36 or 8.7% have bounced back with bad addresses.  So, when you get upset because you don’t think people are listening to you.  Remember that our words don’t always reach the target.  All the more reason to double down on those whom we can reach.

So Which Candidates Can You Vote For?

Find out who you are.
Are you a member of State House District 14 or 15?
Do you vote in City Council District 14 or 12?
Are you a voter in US District 4 or 5?
Which School Board District is your stomping ground, 5, 6 or 7?
Find answers to your voter’s existential questions by clicking on the Where Do I Vote button at

Riverside Does it Right!

But District 14 has a few weak spots.

Fifty seven percent of 18-25 year old Democratic voters in precinct 1415 voted in the Presidential Primary!  Precincts 1413 and 1404 each turned out 50% of their 18-25 year olds and 1407 turned out 44%.

In comparing Districts, District 14 with 27% of voters tied in turnout with Districts 11 and 13.  We came in third behind Districts 3 and 6 at 30% turnout each. 

Citywide, 19% of 18-25 year old Democratic registered voters voted.

We have a lot of work to do in Precinct 1409 which only turned out 9% of their young voters and with 1403 and 1406 at 12%.  These three precincts pulled down the percentage of our turnout effort. 

Important Letter from Norman Young

 When I met with Ila Rae to pick up cards today, we chatted about the moribund nature of the Indivisible Jax Riverside website. She would like it to be alive and active but does not have the time.

So, this is a call for a volunteer to take on the website and make it hum.

Basic Requirements:
Skill and creativity as a webmaster
A keen ear to the jungle drums of local and national politics
Not a supporter of DJT’s agenda-whatever that might be before the next news cycle.

Interested persons should communicate directly with Ila Rae.

“In a crisis, when you lack an operational solution, all you are left
with is humanity,” Dezenhall said. “This is just a situation where Trump
cannot pivot because he views empathy as the equivalent of running down
Pennsylvania Avenue in high heels and a tutu.”

“Trump’s leadership is tested in time of fear, pandemic.”
Eric Denzenhall
Washington Post
July 6, 2020


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