Working Together We Win

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“Working Together We Win” is the slogan for Kelly Noland who is running for Congress in Michigan District 10. And, so what? Why should we care about a Democratic primary in rural Michigan in the midst of our national woes? The most important reason is to ensure we fill Congress with representatives who actually care about the people they represent and the nation.

Another important aspect of this race is that District 10 is a pivot district. The August 4, 2020, primary winner will challenge the Republican candidate in a traditionally Republican district. Ms. Noland’s Democratic opponent, Kimberly Bizon, failed to defeat Rep. Paul Mitchell in 2018 and only received 35% of the votes.

In contrast, Kelly Noland stands a real chance to connect with her community. Born in Mount Clemons and raised on a horse farm, Kelly has a unique perspective on living in a rural community. She wants to make sure the people have a voice and understands the hardships they have faced. For example, Kelly will focus on rebuilding small businesses and infrastructure post-COVID. She will track down where the $600 billion in PPP money went since very little was seen by her community. Concerned with the rise of local lake waters, she will work to protect the environment, strive to reimplement EPA standards, and pursue green energy.

Kelly, an army veteran, is concerned that Michigan is 50th in providing essential veterans’ services. She will actively pursue taking care of our veterans. In the army, Kelly became a labor nurse.  In civilian life, she continued her education and her nursing career.  Both army service and nursing taught her to work as a team with a wide variety of people, in very high-stress situations. She comes highly recommended by peers and superiors in both professions.

Inclusivity and equal respect are extremely important to Ms. Noland. “We all have the same DNA it just comes in different packaging,” she says. She is passionate about women’s rights and health care and is an LGBTQ and Black Lives Matter ally.

Education is very important to Kelly, who has a high school-aged son with special needs. She will implement a plan to improve internet connectivity in the schools so that students have equal access and learning advantages provided by technology.

As a former nurse, health care is near to this candidate’s heart. She will work to restore and expand the ACA and fix pharmaceutical pricing as a first step toward health care for all.

It is apparent that even this small, rural race is actually an important step to rebuilding our country. To help support Kelly Noland and ultimately defeat the Republican candidate, please go to

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