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Gun control now, justice for Keenan, RCV Day and more…

Contact all members of Congress:

Contact White House or other federal agencies:

This weekend was marred by mass shootings, leaving 10 dead in Monterey Park in California and 12 wounded in Baton Rouge. We must turn our grief and outrage into action. Let’s get involved with Moms Demand Action by texting ACT to 644-33, and contact our MoC to remind them this is the only nation that allows this to happen repeatedly with no meaningful action. In addition, several states have bills pending regarding guns. The NRA makes it easy to find them, and then we know exactly what to do—the opposite of what the NRA says! If we’re in these states, let’s contact our state legislators and tell them:

  • South Carolina: Oppose the Constitutional Carry Bill, H 3594, which would allow citizens to carry firearms without a license.
  • Missouri: Oppose the Public Transit Carry Bills, HB 282 and SB 224, which would allow citizens to carry firearms on public transit.
  • Nebraska: Oppose the Constitutional Carry Bill, Legislative Bill 77, which would allow citizens to carry firearms without a license.
  • West Virginia: Oppose the Campus Self-Defense Act, SB 10, which would allow citizens to carry firearms on college campuses.
  • New Mexico: Support Mandatory Storage Liability, HB 9, which would make it a crime for a person to store a firearm in a manner that negligently disregards a minor’s ability to access that firearm.



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