“The Donald Trump of Austin”

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Friends –

Texans are preparing to vote in one of the final special elections before November – and if we want to defeat “the Donald Trump of Austin,” we must mobilize now.

Don Zimmerman is one of the hard-right Republicans vying to flip this state Senate seat red, and his hateful rhetoric matches none other than Donald Trump himself.

As a city council member, Zimmerman once told Hispanic children advocating for an afterschool program to “do something useful” with their lives. He’s opposed same-sex marriage, and he even equated gay Americans to pedophiles.

Republicans like Zimmerman shouldn’t be anywhere NEAR the state legislature – and if we act immediately, we can prevent just that.

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Sadly, spewing racist and bigoted attacks is just the beginning.

In recent weeks, Zimmerman has vocally opposed nearly ALL government efforts to slow the spread of coronavirus, even as Texas Republicans’ incompetent response has made their state a new global epicenter of the health crisis.

This is it: Top Republicans are embracing their bigoted candidate and doing everything they can to help him come out on top – and with Texans casting their final ballots Tuesday, we need to respond urgently.

Thank you,
DLCC Special Elections Team

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