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Five Things to Know Today

— Publisher’s Note —

Good morning! If you are not in the habit of watching the Gov’s press conferences, today might be a good idea to tune in.

After seeing the state set new records for newly-identified COVID-19 cases, Governor Beshear said that he would announce new guidelines in today’s presser at 4 PM that would be mandatory.

Could it be mandatory mask requirements? The Courier-Journal hopes so. They published a front-page editorial (which they NEVER do) urging the governor to take that step.

Meanwhile, President Trump is threatening to cut off funding to any school system that doesn’t have in-person classes this fall.

The contrast in leadership between the two men is striking. Thankfully, we have Beshear as governor.

I’ll be watching today at 4 PM on the Gov’s YouTube channel. You may want to do the same.

#WearYourMask  #TeamKentucky

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Record numbers of cases prompts ‘new requirements that are going to be mandatory’ – 7/8 update
Kentucky reported 402 new cases of the coronavirus Wednesday. That was the highest number yet identified on a single day, for the second straight day. And it was the fourth consecutive day that the seven-day rolling average of new cases also set a new record. Governor Beshear said he would be announcing new guidelines on Thursday. (Forward Kentucky)

Hey Kentucky – this one stat will kill you
Some time ago, I did a story about our infection rate. We were at 0.97, and I said “so don’t blow it.” Well, we’ve blown it … and it has the potential to kill us. Look at the numbers. (Forward Kentucky)

In front-page editorial, Courier Journal urges Beshear to order Kentuckians to wear face masks in public
In a very unusual move, the Louisville Courier Journal published a front-page editorial Wednesday asking Gov. Andy Beshear to require Kentuckians to wear masks in public places to thwart the spread of the coronavirus.

“Stop wagging your finger at the commonwealth, Gov. Beshear, urging all of us across Kentucky to please, pretty please, voluntarily wear a mask in public places,” the editorial begins. “It’s time to make it mandatory. It’s time to acknowledge that we’re living in a covid-19 pandemic with no immediate promise of a vaccine; no signs of a swift end to its devastating course.” (Courier-Journal)

Bill Clinton, John Calipari, other heavy hitters send letters to support convicted KY politico
The former head of the Kentucky Democratic Party is rolling out support from some heavy hitters as he faces sentencing for violating federal campaign-finance rules.

Former President Bill Clinton sent a letter praising Jerry Lundergan. So did University of Kentucky men’s basketball Coach John Calipari. In all, more than 85 family members and friends provided letters of support for Lundergan, including current and former public officials and church leaders.

Lundergan, 73, of Lexington was convicted last September on 10 charges related to making more than $200,000 in illegal corporate contributions to support the 2014 U.S. Senate campaign of his daughter, Alison Lundergan Grimes. (Herald-Leader)

Two separate lawsuits filed against Beshear
Two separate lawsuits naming Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear have been filed that seek rulings over orders made in the state during the coronavirus pandemic.

  • One lawsuit was filed in state court Tuesday in an effort to force Kentucky to continue offering vote-by-mail to all eligible voters to ensure a safe election in November.
  • A separate lawsuit was filed in federal court by a group of northern Kentucky landlords who are trying to resume evicting tenants.

(West Kentucky Star)

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— News —

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— Commentary —

Trump on COVID: ‘Learn to live with it’ – White House insiders tell media outlets that they hope Americans will “grow numb to the escalating death toll and learn to accept tens of thousands of new cases a day.” (read)

🔥 Millions of Americans are about to find out just how badly they’ve been screwed by Trump and the GOP – By late summer all people of voting age in this country are going to be forced to make brutal, existential decisions about their futures and those of their families – and they will know the truth. (read)

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🔥 Taylorsville can’t SLAPP one of its citizens – The Kentucky Court of Appeals has told the City of Taylorsville that it can’t use a SLAPP order to silence a local critic. (read)

— Policy —

Police with lots of military gear kill civilians more often than less-militarized officers – That’s the finding from research on a federal program, operating since 1997, that I helped conduct as a scholar of police militarization. (read)

— Media —

[videocast] Primary 2020 – Let’s talk about it! – Join us on The State of Kentucky as we analyze the primary with Al Cross, long-time political observer of Kentucky politics, and Robert Kahne, data scientist and one of the hosts of “My Old Kentucky Podcast.” What do the results mean for Mike Broihier, Charles Booker, and Amy McGrath? (watch or listen)

[podcast] Election results with Perry Bacon & interview with Jeff Grammer – Robert welcomed Perry Bacon to talk about McGrath’s victory, and what it will take for her to beat McConnell. Also, what is next for Booker, and what the future might hold for Black politicians in Kentucky. Then, an interview with Jeff Grammar, running for state House. (listen)

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