MOMocrats was launched in September 2007 as a national collaborative blog for progressive mom bloggers to write about politics from a mom’s perspective. Their political podcast began running regularly in November 2010.

President Biden’s First 100 Days

President Biden gave his first joint address to Congress this week, marking a successful first 100 days in office – and viewers polled afterwards indicated that it was a stunning success. MOMocrats


A Measure of Accountability

The jury in the Derek Chauvin murder case found the former Minneapolis policeman guilty on all counts – but as relieved as most of the nation was, it was not a moment


MOMocrats MOMochat: Pursuit of Happiness Hour

MOMocrats Karoli, Aliza Worthington, and Donna Schwartz Mills discuss Georgia’s outrageous new voting restrictions, the mainstream media’s fail at President Biden’s press first press conference, and our continuing gun nightmare. MOMocrats MOMochat


A Mixed Bag of Both Good News and Bad

This week has been one of good news and bad news. The Biden Administration has overseen the administration of 100 million COVID vaccines – 40 days sooner than the President originally promised.


The Senate Debates a Rescue

The Senate has President Biden’s $1.9T American Rescue Plan and the GOP are throwing all the delay tactics they can at it, but in the end this extremely popular bill will pass.


The United States is BACK

Wednesday’s Inauguration of Joe Biden was pure joy. But MOMocrats Karoli, Aliza Worthington, and Donna Schwartz Mills are still experiencing PTSD from four years of living with an abusive President. They talk


The Final Days

The MOMocrats rejoice that Donald Trump’s residence in our White House ends in five more days – even as they note the damage he’s done will be with us for years. Karoli,


Impeachment 2.0

It’s a new year and we’ll soon have a new beginning in Washington, with Joe Biden and Kamala Harris taking office and Democratic control of both Houses of Congress, thanks to the

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