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Lava-Level Madness (MOMocrats podcast)

Today’s count of COVID-19 dead is 75,000 Americans and rising – far worse than any other nation in the world. Unemployment figures just released show a nationwide rate of 14%. Donald Trump


May Day! May Day! (MOMocrats podcast)

The first of May is traditionally a celebration of spring and the coming of summer – but for those of us in COVID-19 hot spots, it’s just a continuation of monotonous days


It’s the Coronavirus, Stupid

According to the Washington Post, Donald Trump is obsessed with the stock market and unemployment numbers and thinks that they are wrecking his chances for re-election. He’s not wrong – but ignoring the


2020 Election: And Then There Were Two

Election 2020 took a stunning turn in the last week, beginning with Jim Clyburn’s pivotal endorsement of Joe Biden just before the South Carolina primary. Following Biden’s huge win on Saturday, the


Coronavirus Has NOTHING to Do with Beer

MOMocrats Karoli, Aliza Worthington, and Donna Schwartz Mills discuss the political implications of this developing crisis, including the naming of Mike Pence as "coronavirus czar."

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