No Flow Chart Needed

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Our fumbling Republican leaders have created new absentee voting rules that require a flow chart to follow and they’ve patted themselves on the back for it.

While they conveniently vote absentee year after year, they put obstacle after obstacle into law to make voting just a little bit harder for YOU.

But what they can’t do is stop you from registering voters. 

And that’s what makes them nervous.

There are about 154,000 identified likely Democrats in every part of this state – rural, suburban, and urban potential voters that you can ask to step up and join the fight.

The more new folks we bring into the fold, the more immune we are to their voter suppression tactics.

$2 bucks is all it costs to safely register a new voter. 

They’ll receive a postage-paid, pre-filled voter registration form straight to their home, sign their name, and drop it in the mail. Forms are tracked so we can follow the process from start to finish. 

It’s that simple and easy – no flow chart needed.

The fact is that time is running out and there are a lot of people to register. Can we count on you to step up and make a $20 commitment to bring 10 new voters to the polls?

Thank you for organizing right from your home as we all deal with the pandemic outside. 

Stay safe, wear your mask, and commit to adding 10 new voters to march alongside you to the ballot box.


-MDP Voter Reg Team

P.S. Pass this email on to folks who don’t yet know about our voter registration project!

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