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Volume 2, Issue 15 – June 27, 2020


EOQ has Arrived!

We are just 3 days out from our huge end-of-quarter deadline! The Missouri GOP started out this year thinking they were going to coast straight through til November, but now, everything’s changed. Democrats have become more competitive in nearly every major race this cycle. Fueled by mismanagement of the pandemic, outrageous obstacles to voting, and leaving out-of-work families to fend for themselves – Republicans find themselves on shaky ground. This is when we must double down.

Make an investment toward progress by becoming a grassroots donor today. If you’ve already given, can you double your impact? You can send a message to the MO GOP that we are coming for them.

Register New Voters, Stay Protected from Voter Suppression Tactics

Our fumbling Republican leaders have created new absentee voting rules that require a flow chart to follow and they pat themselves on the back for it. It’s designed to discourage you from voting, plain and simple. But the more new folks we bring into the fold, the more immune we are to their voter suppression tactics.

There are about 154,000 identified likely Democrats in every part of this state – rural, suburban, and urban potential voters that YOU can ask to step up and join the fight. $2 is all it costs to send a tracked, postage-paid, pre-filled registration form to one of these potential voters and get one new person added to the rolls.

Make a huge impact in the next 129 days – give to send new voters to the polls in November!

MDP’s Rural Outreach Programs

Rural Director Tara Logan is hard at work developing rural-specific resources and programs from her home-base outside Cape Girardeau!

Candidates’ Corner is a one such program that provides a regular check-in with candidates (rural or otherwise!) to provide resources, answer questions, and teach campaign fundamentals so they can run the best local campaigns possible. These Zoom calls are open to Democratic candidates and their staff and volunteers and will occur Wednesdays at 7pm until the August primary. If you would like to join us, please email:

Online Training Resources Available Now!

“The Portal” is an online library of resources provided by the MDP where you’ll find training docs, guides, and best practices for candidates, county committee members, volunteers, and staff. Get trained up today and make an impact in your community! To access the Portal:

1. Go to 
2. Click on Request Portal Access and fill in your info

Note: Please allow a couple of days to get approved as MDP staff vets all requests to make sure everyone accessing our materials is a Democrat in good standing.

Get Refreshed with MDP’s County Committee Manual 

Another important resource available on the Portal is the County Committee Manual, a 60-page comprehensive guide for Democratic County Central Committees. Topics include: laying out goals for your central committee, how to organize and run meetings, manage conflicts, how to run phone banks, how to recruit volunteers, how to write press releases, and tons more.

If you’re involved in a county committee, take your organization to the next level by utilizing these resources. Request access to the Portal today!

Voting in the August 4th Election has Already Begun!

The MO GOP are about to lose their fourth ballot initiative in a row. In just 38 days, we will vote to expand Medicaid in the August 4th primary election. To win, we must all show up. Request your absentee ballot today and then text three of your friends to do the same.

Black Lives Matter Organizing Resources

It’s been just over a month since Minneapolis police officers killed George Floyd, and the outrage over his death and those of countless other Black Americans who have been unjustly killed has understandably not wavered. In order to make sweeping, lasting changes to our structures, the work to undo systemic racism must be a life-long commitment. We’ve compiled a list of resources to continue working toward racial justice. The items on this list are not the end of our to-do list, but they’re a good starting point. Please take a look and share with others.

Don’t be Caught Off Guard This Election Season

We’ve created a handy graphic that includes all the important elections-related deadlines and relevant dates. Help us keep Missourians informed by sharing it on your social media! You can find a version sized for Instagram stories in our Instagram story highlights, and you can download the FB-sized version here. Share away!

Calling All Notaries!

We are organizing notary publics all around the state who want to volunteer their services in a coordinated effort to notarize every absentee ballot that requires it as we head into the August and November elections. Are you a notary and want to join our ranks? Please email your contact info to

If you’re not a notary, but would like to become one and help out the effort, check out all the details here.

Show Your Pride All Summer Long!

You can show your pride and support Democrats at the same time by checking out our webstore. Use the discount code “PRIDE” for 10% off – only for a few more days

Be Counted!

Filling out your census is the single most important thing you can do to ensure fair representation for your community for the next decade. It takes only TWO minutes online or over the phone at Remember, we lose or gain seats based on these numbers, so please check with your friends and family and share the link above!

MDP Data Resources & VAN Help

Have questions about VAN or any data and tech needs? Check out MDP’s Data Resources page or email Interested in improving the data, analytics, and technology infrastructure for Democrats in our state? Get more info and sign up here!

Missouri Democratic Party + “It Starts Today” = A Brand New Legislature

Your support can go twice as far and reach all corners of the state with the Blue Missouri project, a partnership between the Missouri Democratic Party and It Starts Today. You can fund every Democratic nominee running for the Legislature and support a strong state party at the same time with a single monthly contribution. Our philosophy is to leave no Democrat behind – join us today!

ICYMI – Supreme Court Does the Right Thing

We were overjoyed last week to see SCOTUS rule that federal employment discrimination laws do indeed apply to LGBT employees! It was far overdue that you could legally fire Americans simply for being who they are. Unfortunately, our state still allows housing discrimination based upon sexual identity or orientation, so until we pass MONA, our gay and trans brothers and sisters are still vulnerable.

See our official statement here.

Submit an Event!

Are you a Democratic club, county committee, or allied group that’s hosting an event? Let us know so we can publicize it on our website. A sense of community is even more important these days as we’re staying home and not gathering together in person. Submit your event here!


Many states are now in the midst of a resurgence of new Coronavirus cases – including our own. Stay home as much as you can and always wear a mask when in public.


Lauren Gepford
Executive Director
Missouri Democratic Party

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