It’s Bigger It’s Badder: The return of COVID-19

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The Mamas discuss the emerging science that COVID-19 has mutated into 10 separate strains, some exceptionally deadly as the first wave was never  fully contained globally. 

Why are some people becoming reinfected 2 and 3 times. Why are some people testing positive for more than 4 months. Why aren’t anti body tests worthy? Why are people who were sick last fall or last winter are negative for COVID-19 antibodies(Hint – you did not have it) Why are people with COVID-19 antibodies getting it again? 

This is a N E W virus we really do not know much about. In an instant society we expect instant answers and there really aren’t any. People have decided they no longer wish to wear masks or wash their hands or not socialize up close and personal. There was never a travel ban and now as people move about the country they are trailing COVID-19 in all it’s new forms with them wherever they go. 

This is no second wave in the USA – we never conquered the first one.


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