This special election could spell disaster for McConnell

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There’s a major opportunity right now in Kentucky: A key Senate seat right down the road from McConnell is up for grabs in a special election on Tuesday.

Flipping this seat would be a major setback for Republicans: Trump carried it by double digits in 2016, but as right-wing legislators are facing backlash for standing with Trump, there’s a clear opening for Democratic gains.

Mitch McConnell is already in the toughest re-election fight of his career, and Republicans are deploying voter suppression schemes to keep right-wing legislators in place.

It’s time for Democrats to send a definite message to McConnell and every other Republican state lawmaker that they’re days in office are numbered. Luckily, we have a candidate that can send that message.

Thirty-year medical professional and public education champion Dr. Karen Berg is ready to fix the disaster Republicans have wrought. Dr. Berg is vying to flip this seat blue and finally give Kentuckians the progress they deserve – but candidates like her need all hands on deck.


Winning races like tomorrow’s special election would prove conclusively that McConnell isn’t just struggling – he’s in real danger of losing his seat this November.

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