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Contact all Federal Members of Congress(includes contact info and links to social media)

Fax legislators for free:Reps:

Or use Resistbot:

Purchase stamps, postcards, and other mailing supplies:
White House contact:

ADVOCATE FOR CHANGES TO GOP POLICE REFORM BILL: Yesterday the GOP Senate, without any input or negotiation from Democrats, revealed their own police reform bill. the Democratic House bill, which “bans chokeholds, eliminates the legal shield protecting police from lawsuits, mandates the use of body cameras nationwide, bans military-style weapons for police and creates a national database disclosing the names of officers with patterns of abuse,” Senate bill simply “incentivizes police departments to do these things by making them ineligible for federal grants if they don’t. This is not enough, and let’s make sure our Senators know that we expect much more definitive action on a problem that has been happening for far too long.  Let’s tell our Senators not to support this bill and to advocate for the provisions in the much stronger House bill. 

PROTECT THE RESULTS OF THE 2020 ELECTION: In response to disturbing reports speculating that Trump will not concede and transfer power peacefully if he loses the election, Indivisible and Stand Up America have instigated an organizing effort to protect the results.’s find out more and pledge to take action here, if Trump does not willingly leave office. 

CALL SENATORS TO SUPPORT DEMILITARIZING THE POLICE: The events of the past few weeks have shown that police violence is a serious problem we must address. A key step towards that is demilitarizing our police forces by ending the 1033 Program, which funnels military equipment to police departments through our country. can learn more about demilitarization and the 1033 program here. We can ask our senators to support Senator Brian Schwartz’s amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act to end the 1033 Program, which equips local law enforcement with used military equipment like armored vehicles and bayonets.

NATIVE AMERICAN VOTER SUPPRESSION: “Within the last decade, a host of new laws have appeared that further disenfranchise marginalized voters, including Indigenous voters, according to the Native American Voting Rights Coalition, a nonpartisan alliance of voting rights advocates. In June, the coalition published a detailed report on widespread Native disenfranchisement.”  “Frankly, the overt racism that we saw throughout the field hearings, I think, would be shocking to the average American. Most people don’t think that type of racism exists anymore.”’s ask our MoCs how they are planning to address this.

SUPPORT CONGRESSIONAL RESOLUTION TO COMBAT POLICE BRUTALITY Congresswomen Ayanna Pressley, Ilhan Omar, Karen Bass, and Barbara Lee have written a resolution condemning racial profiling, police brutality, and the use of excessive force. It also calls for better oversight and independent investigations, stronger DOJ involvement, civilian review boards with clout, and policies to reduce police violence, and racial profiling. can read the resolution here:  We can sign here to become a Grassroots Co-sponsor, then call our Representatives and ask them to support this resolution:

FIGHT NOMINATION OF NANCY BECK: “Trump’s nominee to lead the Consumer Product Safety Commission is Nancy Beck, a toxicologist who currently leads chemical and pesticide regulation at the Environmental Protection Agency. . . “When I heard that Nancy Beck was nominated to head the CPSC, I was truly and profoundly concerned,” says Rachel Weintraub, the legislative director for the Consumer Federation of America, which advocates for safe products. “[Beck’s] record is one of thwarting consumer protections, mostly in the realm of toxic chemicals.””’s make sure our senators know we do not want this nominee confirmed. 

TRUMP CORONAVIRUS “SUPERSPREADER” RALLY:  In Tulsa, OK, where Trump plans to rally thousands of supporters on Saturday at an indoor arena, residents, businesses and nonprofits joined a suit to get organizers to enforce social distancing protocols and abide “by the government-mandated CDC guidelines with respect to mass events,” claiming the rally could act as a “superspreader” event in a state where coronavirus rates are already increasing: and They lost–despite insisting that they’d file the same suit “If Joe Biden, if the [Oklahoma City] Thunder, if Garth Brooks was wanting to have a 19,000-person event. . . .“ Even Dr. Fauci would not attend such a rally for health reasons.’s tell the mayor of Tulsa, GT Bynum, a Republican who won’t himself attend– –to put a stop to this madness, and likewise tell OK’s Republican governor, Kevin Stitt: Bynum: 1-918-815-9268 and Stitt at #GovStitt or

PETITION TO RENAME EDMUND PETTUS BRIDGE: “It’s far past time to rename the Edmund Pettus Bridge after Rep. John Lewis, a civil rights icon that nearly gave his life on that bridge,” said Michael Starr Hopkins. “Edmund Pettus was a bitter racist, undeserving of the honor bestowed upon him. As we wipe away this country’s long stain of bigotry, we must also wipe away the names of men like Edmund Pettus.” We can sign the petition here:


2020 ELECTION CALENDAR: This resource is searchable by date and state –

REMINDER- CHECK VOTER REGISTRATION STATUS:Let’s make sure to regularly check our voter registration status. States are purging voters routinely–we don’t want to get caught off guard. Take 1 minute and check right now: I Will Vote  Then, let’scheck how to vote by mail in our state. Many rules have changed due to the pandemic and we may be able to vote with a mailed ballot. We can find our state’s latest voting rules here: How to Vote By Mail in Every State
TUESDAY PRIMARIES:  KY, NY, VA:  Tuesday, June 23, primaries will be held in KentuckyNew York, and Virginia.   Let’s get out the vote!

SUPPORT CAMPAIGNS FROM WHEREVER WE ARE:  Common Purpose Now, a non-profit based in Washington state, works with local partners across the country, following their lead to provide support that they request (such as fieldwork on a campaign). While the organization previously arranged for volunteers to travel (using their own funds) to swing states for on-the-groundwork, everything is currently remote. That means there are lots of opportunities to *remotely* help campaigns in AZ, ME, MI and more. Common Purpose also has trainings, lectures, and discussions. They put young, diverse people in key positions and support their development as leaders. Here’s where we can sign up to help

TEXT WITH BLACK VOTERS MATTER: “Black Voters Matter is dedicated to building power across the south! We need your help to do so!”  Let’s sign up here:

Fill out this form to sign up to help and we’ll notify you when the campaigns are launching!


ALL:RELEASE INMATES FROM COVID-INFESTED PRISONS: While COVID rates in many states are decreasing, in prisons they have increased by 73%. This is just one more reason why we must ask our governors, local sheriffs and state legislators to release all inmates who don’t pose a threat to public safety, including those who can’t make bail and are awaiting trial, non-violent offenders, and immigrant detainees.

MA: SUPPORT RANKED CHOICE VOTING IN OUR STATE: We have a historic chance to strengthen our democracy and expand our choices at the ballot box through Ranked Choice Voting,   which lets  voters rank candidates on the ballot in order of preference: first, second, third, etc.  If one candidate gets a majority of the first-choice votes, they win. If not, the candidate with the least votes is eliminated, and those votes count instantly towards the next choice on each voter’s ballot. The process continues until one candidate gains the majority and wins. we would like to support Ranked Choice Voting, we can complete this form and help put it on the ballot. After filling it out, we will be redirected to sign the official petition. We must be a registered voter in Massachusetts to sign it:


JUNETEENTH: Whoever we are, let’s be sure to turn up at a live or virtual event on Friday, June 19th, afternoon or evening to make clear our solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.  To find an event in any area throughout the country, let’s check here:

MASS POOR PEOPLE’S ASSEMBLY & MORAL MARCH ON WASHINGTON: “The Mass Poor People’s Assembly & Moral March on Washington is going digital! On June 20th, we will hold the largest digital and social media gathering of poor and low-wealth people, moral and religious leaders, advocates, and people of conscience in this nation’s history. A global pandemic is exposing even more the already existing crisis of systemic racism, poverty, ecological devastation, the war economy and militarism, and the distorted moral narrative of religious nationalism. On June 20, the 140 million poor and low-wealth people across this nation will be heard!”  We can sign up here:

VOLUNTEER TO ADOPT A BATTLEGROUND STATE FOR 2020 VICTORY: The election may hinge on six key states and a Vote Save America has just launched a strategy to win them.  The Adopt a State Program is brand-new remote mobilization program that will help us directly support the work of organizers and candidates in these six key battleground states that will be most important to winning a progressive majority on Election Day—no matter where we live. After months working with the most effective state parties, political strategists, and progressive organizations on the ground in Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin to find out where we can help the most, they will only send us actions that will make a real impact. We’ll get first rate training to become part of the best group of digital organizers out there. This custom live training series will include four sessions on Thursday evenings in June, curated to help make us the most effective organizers we can be. When we sign up, we’ll learn the messaging that works best, and the remote and in-person opportunities that will help us make the biggest possible impact on the outcome of its races:

GET TRAINED TO VOLUNTEER VIRTUALLY FOR BIDEN: The upcoming 2020 Presidential Election will be crucial in deciding the fate of our country and our democracy. After 2016, we know we cannot be complacent, but must do everything possible to defeat Trump and get our country back on track. One way to start is to help Joe Biden’s campaign which is looking for volunteers right now. We can click here to join an Action Center trainings (which will be offered 75 times between May 27 and November 1) and learn how to use our online organizing hub to volunteer virtually for Joe:


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We can stay up to date on Congress by checking out their schedules. a) The House publishes a weekly schedule at The Weekly Leader (published and dated Friday) as well as daily schedules at The Daily Leader. b) The Senate updates their schedule daily at the Senate Floor Schedule

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