Emails to America: From Italy, In the Time of Coronavirus, Part IV

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March 12, 2020 – STAY. AT. HOME

This is an multi-part series showcasing early warnings to family and friends from an American expat in Italy. To read the series from the beginning, click here.

Editor’s Note: On this date, the United States surpasses 1,300 coronavirus cases with 39 related deaths. President Donald Trump restricts all travel from Europe excepting the United Kingdom. The NBA and the NHL cancel the season, amusement parks shut down, and Broadway suspends shows. More public school districts announce the cessation of in-person classes, many for 2 to 3 weeks, impacting more than 400,000 students. New York announces it has 328 cases of coronavirus.

I guess I’m not done yet. Now I’ve heard back from roughly half of you and this gives me a little bit of hope. The reason I’m waiting for responses is not only to know that you’ve read my emails – whether you do or don’t won’t change a thing for me – but it just might change some things for you. Of course, that’s if you choose to follow my instructions, to do as I’m telling you to do. For the common good.

One more thing. Feel absolutely free to share these emails with anyone who you care about. They could save a life. 


I hope the message is clear. 

And, once again, from my first email, remember there is a clear and simple set of instructions to follow. Washing your hands is just a start. In case you haven’t guessed, this list includes staying at home!

These measures are not ONLY for you, they are to make sure you are not spreading the disease. But don’t take my word for it. Listen to some of our beleaguered doctors here in Lombardy:

Stop! Click on the articles please, and read them from beginning to end. 

You may have noticed a pattern in my emails, no? It’s always in 3 parts.

  • Scare the shit out of you! 
  • Tell you not to trust what you’re being told. (Maybe I’ll leave that part out this time.) DON’T WATCH FOX NEWS!! It’s dumbing you down! (Whoops, couldn’t help it.)
  • Tell you what you need to do: STAY AT HOME!!

I’m not done scaring you yet. If you’ve read the articles above (and all of this is real, kids, it’s true, it’s happening here), just remember that it’s now going to start happening in America. Also because you continue, stubbornly, to circulate, go to work, take your vacations, get on planes, etc., it’s going to be worse in America than it’s been here. Of course I hope I’m not right. Of course I hope you can say, “What a doofus alarmist.” If there is ever a time I truly pray that I don’t have to say, “I told ya so!” I hope it is this one. But some folks seem to think America is just plain not ready for what’s coming its way.

The above article is a long read but a good, fair (I think) comparison between the Italian and American health systems. As well as proper critiques of what we are doing right and wrong here as we head into a 2 to 3 week quarantine period for, well, just about everyone. 

Read up, stay informed because information is good – unless it’s a buncha lies being told by your dumb President and Fox News. 

And, oh yeah. . . STAY. AT. HOME. 

I’d like to see y’all again some day. 

Sending love and hope from the Red Zone.

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