Harness the outrage through petitions and build contact lists with free new app

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Harness the outrage through targeted petitions and also build lists of supporters.

Petitions drives work, but the pandemic has forced organizing online which demands innovation. Existing petition systems are often expensive or make money by reselling the names of petitioners collected. Recent innovation offers progressive groups a free new approach to:

  • Quickly launch targeted petition drives online
  • Share the petitions through social media, email and websites
  • Target people in a particular area of interest (district, city, state or country)
  • Directly collect contact details on the people who signed the petition
  • Run petition campaigns and build contact lists for free

In response to Mark Zuckerberg repeatedly ignoring Facebook’s policies against spreading falsehoods, a grassroots group decided to petition Facebook board members. The group also wanted to collect details on the people who signed the petition for further engagement.

DemLabs designed Movement.Digital app for the grassroots group to easily launch petition drives with three details:
1. The subject line of the petition
2. Who the petition should be sent to
3. The text of the petition
Petitions can be launched in minutes and supporters only need a few seconds to show their support. Details below on how other qualified groups can get the Movement.Digital app for free.

Take away
Outrage is a terrible thing to waste. Harness it with petitions and build your own contact list at the same time. Apply here for your free Movement.Digital account.

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