State Session Reconvenes – Medicaid Expansion Saves Lives and Could Save Georgia Budget

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We are asking for Medicaid expansion as the state legislature reconvenes to discuss the budget crisis brought on by unwise tax breaks and now the fallout from COVID 19. With unemployment reaching record highs, falling tax revenue, the recession taking hold, and our health care system under great stress, expanding Medicaid can create relief for hardworking Georgians. We need our families and workers to be healthy and whole to rebuild a strong economy. Access to health care should be an essential component to Georgia’s economic recovery plan. By expanding Medicaid, lawmakers can alleviate the worries and concerns of many citizens and employers.

Today ask Governor Kemp to #Expand Medicaid, using this tool from Cover Ga.

Participate in a day of action on Monday, June 15th to contact lawmakers to ask them to expand Medicaid. Sign up here to receive toolkits and prompts for action. Plan now to spend a few minutes throughout the day making phone calls and communicating with Georgia lawmakers.

Medicaid expansion is an economic justice and racial justice issue. Read this article about who benefits and how they benefit from expansion.

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