No Justice No Peace – a peaceful walk for George Floyd is met with Bullying and Threats in Morris, IL. Part 3 in our BLM series (Heartland Mamas podcast)

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The Mamas talk with Lauren and Annie the organizers for a peaceful walk in remembrance of George Floyd. Within hours of posting their walk on social media they were bullied and threatened to the point that they had to cancel their Walk and remove their post. 

The Mamas want to know what made these women want to walk for justice? What their experiences as organizers were. And Why they felt compelled to cancel their event. 

The Mamas also want to know why when there were peaceful demonstrations, walks and marches held in small towns all around Morris, IL. why this one brought so must ire from a handful of people. Even creating a need in the States Attorney for Grundy County, Jason Helland, to call for armed militia to patrol the streets and asked for the National Guard to be deployed. 

The peaceful walk, which was not political became a rallying cry for the local republican party to rail against. State Representative David Welter(R) and the State Senator Sue Rezin(R), were silent on the matter, refusing to weigh in on the peaceful walk, George Floyd and Black Lives Matter. 

This is a complex matter as this area has a reputation of racist undertones. From southern Kendall County, to western Will County to all of Grundy County.  Why this area? The two public high schools in the area use the names “Indians” and “Redskins” as their mascot names. And both have had racial interventions in the recent past. And those racial tensions ave flared again since the death of George Floyd. 

Last Wednesday another organizer came forward and held a peaceful rally in a local park attracting over a hundred people. The rally went forward smoothly and without incident. There has been no response from the business owners, the States Attorney, the State Representative or the State Senator  regarding the peaceful rally. 

The Mamas are concerned, having both participated in the other peaceful local rallies. And also being cyber bullied for activism, what makes this area of Illinois so uniquely toxic? 

These topics and more covered today and in our ongoing coverage series on BLM


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